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Author: twmccart

Permanent GPS wakelock

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 Author| Posted at 2017-11-7 03:47:53 | All floors
I started using MintSIM and have not seen the wakelocks again. I think that the FreedomPop SIM card was the cause for me.
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Posted at 6 DayBefore | All floors
I have pinned by mine down to AT&T postpaid sims. I have two Jelly Pros and three sims and if I remove the sim the wake lock is gone. If I add a sim it comes back. Anyone else on AT&T with this issue?
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Posted at 4 DayBefore | All floors
this issue is partaining to the 4g only slot because wakelock doesnt activate for me unless i use simslot 1, when im on 2 no wakelock.  im looking into the root browser and other forums to see if theres a workaround
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