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Author: Phil

What's the best Android Launcher for Jelly?

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Posted at 2017-10-1 22:56:04 | All floors
Whitelist the apps how?  I'm running into this with the clock as well with Nova, rather annoying...

Nova always works well for me, and proves so again on the Jelly.
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Posted at 2017-10-6 02:46:23 | All floors
Sorry I didn't see this (is there a way to get comments forwarded?).

Go to Settings>Background Task Clear and you'll find a list of installed apps.  Put checkmarks  beside Nova Launcher and your clock widget (I also had to put it on my secondary e-mail program and my weather widget).

Good luck!
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Posted at 2017-10-7 23:10:01 | All floors
I use Atom .. Lots of features I like over Nove, a lot more simpler than Nova to set up, not as customizable.
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Posted at 7 DayBefore | All floors
Last edited by calebrus44 In 2017-10-12 21:49 Editor

I use Smart Launcher 3 Pro.  I've been using SL for a while now, and I absolutely love it.  I love it even more on my Jelly, because the icons scale to a smaller size than normal, which is fantastic for the Jelly's small screen.
Normally you're allowed a 4x3 grid of icons.
With SL, I can get a WHOLE lot more than that.  I currently have a 3x4 grid, all of which are folders (which basically means that I have every single thing I need right on one screen) on the bottom half of the screen, in addition to a clock widget and the Search bar on the top half.
I can even go as high as 4x4 plus all that other stuff (instead of 4x3 and nothing else) if I wanted to.


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