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2 great apps for less stress

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Posted at 2017-12-31 00:23:00 | All floors |Read mode
I found an app that solves a big problem: Accidentally tapping a Favorite contact and calling when I don't want to. The app is called Call Confirm (by Vlad Lee). When you tap a favorite, a pop-up comes up to verify if you want to make the call. This app, along with Stay Alive (by SyNetDev) to stop the phone from going to the lock screen while on a call, are great.

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Posted at 2018-1-3 09:48:16 | All floors
Allright! Thanks for the info!
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Posted at 2018-1-6 10:48:04 | All floors
Thank for sharing
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Posted at 2018-2-28 20:24:46 | All floors
I've got a Jelly Pro with latest update. StayAlive! is not keeping the screen from locking during a call. I cannot get through all the auto attendant prompts before it goes black. I think it is the way the phone is designed, not StayAlive!
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 Author| Posted at 2018-3-1 09:02:44 | All floors
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It took some time for me to answer. REMEMBER that your screen still goes blank, but when you re-press the power button to see the screen, it stays on the call screen and doesn’t take you back to the Home screen and make you input your security code (maybe other Jellies act differently). For me, that saves 3 steps: Landing on a screen I don’t want, having to input my code, then having to try to get back to the call screen. All that is way too long if you have to input numbers on the keypad (1 for yes, 2 for no, etc). You will still have to get your keypad back, but with practice, for me it worked and I didn’t get a hit on battery life (but then again, I make very few calls; I mostly text). There are many other settings that might be better or worse, but these are my settings:


Go to Settings>Background task clear: White list Stay Alive

Go to Settings>Apps>Stay Alive>Data usage:  Check off Background data (enable usage of cellular data in the background)

Go to Settings>Apps>Stay Alive>Permissions: Check Phone and Storage


(1) Tap Stay Alive icon
(2) Check “Pause Stay Alive!”
(3) Go to EXCEPTIONS TO STAY ALIVE and check “A Enable selected apps”
(4) Right below that check “Keep screen on ONLY for selected apps”
(5) Go to “Select apps that will Stay Alive!” and tap it. It will give you a list of apps and system files. Find “Phone (” and check it

You can now get out of all your settings (clear your phone).

When the phone is blank and you turn it back on you should see this:  [Blue lightning bolt] Alive! Off duty. User not present. In some cases it will be [Blue lightning bolt] Alive! Off duty. Paused user.

Turn it on manually by tapping. I don’t have it running automatically because one time the SIM card and Stay Alive clashed at the same time so people got a busy signal. It will stay in memory until you actually Power Off the phone.

Nothing. Just answer the call.

It’s still a pain in the ass, but it has helped me.
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Posted at 2018-7-9 14:54:49 | All floors
Good article, thank you for sharing
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Posted at 2018-7-10 15:44:17 | All floors
Such a useful write up, will for sure note the recommendations for future use
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 Author| Posted at 2018-7-14 06:38:45 | All floors
Ladonna and deltamind: Just want you to know that the last updated version of Jelly Pro (20180308) now does the same thing as Stay Alive, so if you've updated to the last Android 7 version, there's no need anymore to use Stay Alive. And thanks for your comments!
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