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3D printable cover for extra battery

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Posted at 2017-10-9 05:00:06 | All floors |Read mode
I love having an extra battery, but you want to ensure it does not short out. To help with that I created a 3d model of cover that you can print out yourself using a flexible filament. Let me know if anyone finds it useful.

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 Author| Posted at 2017-10-9 06:51:59 | All floors
This does not modify the Jelly at all. It is merely a nice cover to put over your spare battery while it is in your bag until you are ready for it. With all lithium batteries if you short them they can catch fire and since we often have other metal devices in a bag where we would store an extra battery this is just something to help you carry it safely.
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Posted at 2017-10-9 05:59:53 | All floors
I do not understand the object, is it to put two batteries in the Jelly?
It says, "to avoid short circuit?

Thank you for your contribution!
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Posted at 2017-10-9 22:04:04 | All floors
+1 for the spare battery cover. I've seen some nasty results from people having lithium batteries short in there pockets. These would be even easyer to short out than vaping batteries.
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