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Extra second battery

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Posted at 2017-10-9 15:40:41 | All floors |Read mode
Can I buy second extra battery?

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Posted at 2017-10-10 04:06:35 | All floors
but without root, how do we remove such system applications?

We need a solution for the battery, now!
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Posted at 2017-10-9 19:58:55 | All floors
Is it possible to connect two batteries in parallel to increase the autonomy?
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Posted at 2017-10-9 21:36:08 | All floors
The battery life of the Jelly is a disaster. A 3 mile run with Runkeeper and the battery is down 25%. It shuts down at about 20% so it won't get you through the morning. Freezing almost all apps, tune down the light of the display and activate only either wifi or data (not both) will get you past lunch but Jelly will not survive one full working day. It was possible to pre-order an extra battery, but now the store is open the battery is still not available. However, I did manage to win a couple of extra hours by:
1. Switch to Launcher3 (preinstalled);
2. Remove Google Now as a launcher app;
3. Remove the app with the name 'Google'.
This had no complications for backing up to my Google account. I love Google, but the launcher in combination with the app takes a lot of juice. An extra advantage: the toolbar disappeared from my home screen. No root needed for this. But, PLEASE, UNIHERTZ, provide us with a more powerfull battery please!
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Posted at 2017-10-9 22:18:33 | All floors
Google Play Store seems to be the main battery hog.

I had to uninstall it... as it simply wouldn't stop trying to turn on the GPS.

GPS is what kills the battery life.
GPS is mostly used in the car where it can be plugged it into the power.
If you do use it elsewhere don't run the GPS for too long and remember to turn it off after use.

Despite using most of the functions (email, sms, browser. etc...) I am now easily getting a day out of a battery... and would probably get a second day. After some 18 hours today I still have 69% battery power.

Root access would probably improve our ability to control poorly behaved apps.

Alternatively each version of Android gives better control over apps and battery life. Thus Android 8 would be useful?

Many of the frustrations of Android 4, 5 and 6 have been resolved in Android 7... but a few still remain.

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Posted at 2017-10-12 02:07:05 | All floors


another battery can be used, provided it has the same voltage. Just make a pair of connectors for the battery of higher mAh and our Jelly

would probably be a battery of larger size than the mobile and would be greater than this or equal there are some of its same size and greater capacity ...

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