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How long does your battery last?

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Posted at 2017-11-20 15:59:13 | All floors
Question to those experimenting.
Will I get considerably longer battery life while in use (Spotify/ BT on) if I root the phone and disable Google apps/ whatever can be disabled?
I don't care about standby mode at all.

Now I have 25%/ 1.5 hours with Spotify playing over BT (and plan to add Garmin live track to that load) - actually it is better then I expected based on this forum

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Posted at 2017-12-19 17:47:52 | All floors
Hi, I've got a weird battery problem. Battery life is very unstable. For example. After a full charge, it will stay alive for more than 48h with normal usage. But next day, after a full charge phone will die over a night. Another example. Disconnect phone in the morning after the full charge, in the evening I have about 70% battery. After a night phone is dead. The problem is very unpredictable. I am not sure if the phone is working.

Any advices?

Thanks for help.

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Posted at 2017-12-19 21:57:04 | All floors
K.E.Johnson Posted at 2017-11-20 15:59
Question to those experimenting.
Will I get considerably longer battery life while in use (Spotify/  ...

No, using Spotify, calls, anything other than standby. The cell phone drinks the battery!

If you only have it in standby without using it, with root if you can block the application "Google" that spends a lot, a lot of battery in standby. But out of the standby we are in the same problem

I'm trying to use a powerbank to make second battery. But the firmware is poorly designed and does not use said Powerbank first than the internal battery. Just see that the internal battery is at 100%, does not need face and disconnect the USB port and therefore the Powerbank. Gastandose the internal battery and not using the Powerbank!!

Another alternative, much more undesirable than this. Which is not ideal either, the ideal would be to restrained a battery of greater capacity. is to do DIY and use the chip of the battery to put it to another. But it is dangerous, hopefully Unihertz update the firmware and let us use the Powerbank. At least as a temporary solution while producing another battery or what they convenidente. But the use of the Powerbank would be something simple, that would somehow solve our problems

Thank you!

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Posted at 2017-12-20 16:23:44 | All floors
Hello everybody.
At last firmware the phone worked for 3 days and 10 hours.
wifi, gps, bt - off
data transfer - off
network mode - 2g (I constantly reset to 3g)
THE MOST IMPORTANT: Pedometer stop and OFF, then restart the phone.
The pedometer strongly eats the battery, especially when the phone is in the paddock and moving.

With the new firmware, the phone uses about 1-2% per hour.

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Posted at 2018-1-3 04:31:28 | All floors
My battery now lasts 2+ days with low use.  However, at first the life was ridiculously short with almost no use (<4 hours).  It was driving me crazy and I was about ready to chuck the phone - but I made a last attempt to tweak the settings.  here's what I did:

1) change from 4G LTE to 4G  (turn off enhanced 4G LTE mode)
2) Duraspeed on:  but only enable clock, contacts, Email, Gmail, messaging, phone, yahoo mail
3) WiFi and bluetooth off (but occasionally turn on as needed)
4) display brightness level @ 50%
5) background task clear:  whitelist enabled for only Gmail, voice search, Google
6)  disable: google play music, google play services  (only turn on as needed)

Now i get consistently over 2 days with light use.  The only real hassle is manually turning on WiFi and bluetooth when I need them.  I'll experiment with other settings, however I'm now please with the 2 days of battery life I'm getting.


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Posted at 2018-1-3 04:34:32 | All floors
over 2 days

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Posted at 2018-1-3 12:42:39 | All floors
Mine could lasts mostly for 20 hours with wifi. sometimes i do youtube, and make/receive calls.
my other usage plan is :
With only wifi, and occasional 1/2 hour youtube and occasional 15 mins. call, i got at least 24 hours. Sometimes, it could keep itself til 36 hours.
With only wifi, mostly doing nothing, i got at least 48 hours.

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Posted at 2018-1-20 15:06:14 | All floors
Slick Posted at 2017-10-1 23:33
I spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot the phone before I finally managed to get the cover off a ...

I found a video on youtube which showed how to use the blue triangle thing to slide all around and undo all the tiny clips that hold the back on.

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