Jelly is the world’s smallest smartphone and it looks incredible

Matthew Dunn MAY 4, 20174:34PM

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THE highly anticipated return of the Nokia 3310 has proven consumers not only have a lust for nostalgia, but that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to smartphones.


And while the 3310 is bound to fly off the shelves when it’s released later this year, it’s not without limitations — the phone will not be able to used in Australia long-term as it is designed to only operate using 2G networks.


Thankfully, there is another smartphone manufacturer looking to fill the market demand for smaller smartphones.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently raising funds for a device known as Jelly, which is described a “mini-sized phone with full features” that runs on Android Nougat 7.0 — the latest operating system found on most new Android smartphones.


However, the most important aspect is the fact the phone can deliver internet connectivity over 4G networks.


Production of the phone appears to be a sure thing with the $A40,000 fundraising goal smashed.


With 33 days remaining in the campaign, the device currently has already been backed by $A293,126 in funds and this will likely increase.


Customers will have the choice between the Jelly or the Jelly Pro, which offer 8GB and 16GB of on-board storage respectively — this can be expanded to 32GB with a MicroSD.


Both models will have a 2.45-inch display and a replaceable 950mAH battery capable of up to three days working time or seven days standby.


The smartphones will both include a 2MP front facing camera, with an 8MP shooter on the rear.


Other key features include a dual SIM card, gyroscope and GPS.


Since the concept was born in April 2016, the developers have been able to produce test samples of the product and believe it will start shipping in August this year.


For consumers keen on this sort of product, there is still time to get involved with the Kickstarter campaign offering the Jelly for $A106 or the Jelly Pro for $A127.


Alternatively, there is the option to get package deals with two or three devices starting from $A185.