Jelly, The Smallest 4G Phone with 2.4-inch Screen, 2 GB RAM, Android Nougat Available on Kickstarter

by Anvinraj Valiyathara May 3, 2017 2:59 am

Unihertz CMS - a big picture

These days there are plenty of large-sized Android smartphones that come with huge displays. However, Jelly is a surprisingly different 4G smartphone that runs on Android 7.0 Nougat OS and features a small-sized screen of only 2.45 inches. The Kickstarter project for this Jelly phone has started from today


Unihertz, a company based in Shanghai is manufacturing the Jelly phone. It is a perfect that can be used an environment where using a large-sized smartphone is not convenient. Its claims that it is so small that it can easily fit even in a coin pocket. It comes in two models, the Jelly and the Jelly Pro.

The Jelly and Jelly Pro smartphones have a 2.45-inch TFT screen that offers a resolution of 240 x 432 pixels. They feature a quad-core processor under its hood that works at 1.1 GHz. However, the manufacturer of the processor for the Jelly phones have not been disclosed yet. Both phones are packed with 950 mAh battery


The Jelly and Jelly Pro phones are 4G LTE enabled handsets that support two nano SIM cards. It is good to see that these miniature smartphones are running on the latest version of Android. Their rear camera is of 8-megapixel and the front-facing shooter is of 2-megapixel.


What sets that the Jelly phone from Jelly Pro? The former is a base model that features 8 GB of storage of 1 GB of RAM. On the other side, the Jelly Pro has 2 GB of RAM and its native storage is 16 GB.

The Jelly phones are not designed to replace the smartphones of the users, but it can be used as a handy secondary phone. Readers who wish to back the Kickstarter project can head on to this link. Unihertz has pledged a revenue goal of $30,000 and at the time of writing it had nearly reached $94,000 with 1,152 backers onboard.


The Jelly and Jelly Pro are respectively priced at $69 and $85. Early birds can avail these phones with a respective discounted pricing of $59 and $75.  The retail pricing of both phones will be $109 and $125 and will start shipping from August. The Jelly and Jelly Pro can be bought in three color choices such as Pearl White, Sky Blue and Space Black.