The Best Mini Smartphone “Jelly 2” is launching now!

Dear Unihertz fans,

We can’t be more excited to tell you that Unihertz 5th generation smartphone Jelly 2 is launching now !!!

Back to the past 4 years, we’ve launched four successful Kickstarter campaigns with over 3000 backers, great thanks to your continuous support. To build upon that success and continue innovating, Unihertz is back with an upgraded version called Jelly 2 that includes more powerful features:

Jelly 2 arrives with a 3-inch larger screen and a superior visual quality of 326 PPI. Its screen is 51% bigger than original Jelly but still maintains an incredibly small size. Upgraded 2 times longer battery life gives users enough juice to easily power through a full day. The new 8MP+16MP cameras make it capture more light and deliver incredibly detailed images than before. Besides, Jelly also brings more hit features such as upgraded GPS systems and sensors, Android 10 system, NFC Function (included FeliCa) and more, it is the perfect device for nights out, exercise, or when taking a break from your full-sized smartphone.

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Stay Tuned
Unihertz Team