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Introducing Jelly Pro

Jelly Pro - Small 4G Smartphone - Features

The Small 4G Android Smartphone

Jelly Pro is designed to be small, but for a reason! Whenever it is unnecessary to take a bulky and expensive phone with you, just pick up your Jelly Pro and put it in your coin pocket.

Jelly Pro can fit in your coin pocket

Android 8 with Full Feature

Using Android 8.1 and integrated with all functions that a smartphone should have. You can download your favorite App from the Google Market.

Jelly Pro is Android 8 in full feature

950mAh Replaceable Battery

Jelly has a replaceable battery design and with a full charge, it has up to 3 days working time (depends on your usage) or up to 7 days on standby.

Jelly Pro has a 950mAh removable battery


Dimensions: 92.4*43*13mm
Weight: 60.4g(with battery)
Color: Space Black
SIM: Dual Nano SIM Dual standby
Screen Size: 2.45 inch
Resolution: 240*432 pixels


GSM: 850(Band5)/900(Band8)/ 1800(Band3)/1900(Band2) MH
WCDMA: 850(Band5)/900(Band8)/ 1700(Band4)/1900(Band2)/ 2100(Band1) MHz
FDD-LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/ 7/8/12/17/19/20/
TD-LTE: Band 40

OS: Android 8.1
CPU: Quad-Core 1.45GHz
Memory: 3GB+32GB
Micro SD card: Support up to 256 GB
Rear Camera: 8MP AF
Front Camera: 2MP FF
Headphone Jack: Yes
WLAN: 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
Radio: FM Radio
USB: Micro USB
Sensors: G-Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope
Battery: 950mAh Removable
Jelly Pro - Small 4G Smartphone
10999 12499

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
JT Hammil
Good starter phone or just cool small gadget

I got this phone for my tween-aged daughter, and then thought it was so cool I wanted one for myself--although I have resisted buying another one so far. I got it for her hoping she would be able to learn to use an android phone without getting addicted to the device. The size is sort of a built in limitation, so she can only take so much of watching videos on a small screen, etc. But the size is also a huge advantage in my opinion: less glass to break; smaller surface area means the walls and screen will be stronger; easier to put in a pocket; not so heavy; on and on. BUT, the other limitations previously mentioned are there: battery life is not as good as a full sized phone, and some things are just harder to do on such a small screen. But it's surprising how much this phone can do in spite of its size. I fully recommend it for a young person as a starter phone, or for anyone who wants a small phone, recognizing it has a few limitations.

Tasha T
Finally a genuine real option for a second phone or where you need true compactness with full fea...

In a world of mobiles where bigger is better and now that Apple has also accepted this argument with iphone X larger screen what Samsung and others knew since years why would you even thing of having the smallest 4G phone. I am a Note 8 and S8 Plus user currently but I still bought this phone and delighted with the purchase. Lot of companies sell small phones but most have very poor screen, battery life and are not for real use. They have no reliable use. This one has an excellent hi res screen and a responsive touch panel. It is very useful when a phone fits in the key pocket of your jean.

This phone is fully featured with 4G connectivity, dual sim, micro sd card and 4G. It would prove to be very useful for those who need to carry a second phone both as a back up or on travel where you need a local sim. As a professional my travel require me to have a backup phone at all times which is full specification running android and apps. Also in places where you fear theft of a large flashy phone but would still prefer to have the connectivity (many tourist places in Europe and Asia you have this real danger), a real reliable phone of this size is discreet and still provides you with full features and comfort. Also fitness enthusiast have the challenge of lugging a heavy phone on arm or waist or have no connectivity. A phone this compact could be very handy.

The phone is highly priced and premium for the form factor. Ideally it should have been at a slightly lower price point of $99.

This is the first real well made compact phone that I have seen that gives you all the features but in an incredibly small form factor with beautiful screen and current operating system.

J Howie
Brilliant mini 4G smart phone!

I just bought this. I would have bought the rugged Atom but wanted to see if this line of phone was worth it, I went cheap. IT IS! This works BETTER than my Samsung A20. I will be buying the Atom next year! The key board is so wee. I bought a stylus to use on the keyboard. This makes it easy. Buyer BEWARE, this is a MINI phone. If you have big fingers, poor vision, this phone may not be for you. This is not a toy but an actual fully functioning 4G smart phone. It does NOT have finger print recognition, but the rugged Atom does. I only use it for work right now, I don't do social media, but text a lot. I would recommend getting a back up battery source. The battery does not have a long life, especially if you use it often. I work 10+ hr shifts. If I rarely use it, it will last over 10 hrs on standby. But consistent use 4-5 hours. I bought extra batteries and a power bar. I really love this phone. Its so small., smaller than a credit card.

This is my primary phone and it works great

Love this phone

I hesitated to buy because I had seen reviews elsewhere saying the keyboard was too small to use. Decided to try anyway. Amazed at how accurate the keyboard is. It works.

I wanted a small cell phone for running, bicycling, and travel. I wanted the Android Nougat ability to expand internal storage. I wanted an unlocked phone. The Unihertz Jelly Pro does all that.

I did initial setup with no screen protector and gained confidence in the keyboard and the phone. Added a glass screen protector and lost that accuracy. Peeled it off and went with a thin plastic screen protector. Keyboard is very responsive. Still learning, but I am pleased with this keyboard.

Moved the SIM from my old phone to this one and got onto the Ting network. Had to call their support number to update the IMEI number in their system. Simple as that. This is truly an unlocked cell phone. Easy to use on BYOD networks.

Could not get the Wireless Update to install. Contacted Unihertz support and got it resolved. Issue arises because I mounted a 64gb micro SD as “internal storage.” The Wireless Update process gets confused, and needs a little help from the user. Now updated and running the latest Unihertz version of Android 7.

I was puzzled regarding how to get to the dialer pad to type responses when checking my voicemail. Found that the phone interface has a slider that selects hang up (to the left) or “unlock” (to the right). Found that sliding right unlocks the speaker phone button, mute button, and dial pad. New to me, but not an issue, just a learning curve.

Initial testing indicates the battery works well. I bought a spare battery, but the process for removing the back to swap batteries is awkward, so I am learning to stretch the one battery all day. I am using the built in Dura Speed app and Settings to restrict Network Accessibility. I also added the free version of Avast antivirus because it has ability to automatically stop power draining background apps.

One lingering issue is the alarm clock. Installed version went off 6 hours late and wasted a lot of battery with alarms at a time when I could not get to the phone to turn them off. I tried another alarm app and learned there is a known issue with alarm clocks not working when a micro SD is installed as internal storage. Guess my old cell phone still has a purpose after all - as an alarm clock.

I was willing to use the Unihertz Jelly Pro as a backup phone just for running and travel. Instead, it is my primary phone. It does everything and it does it really well.

Scotts hobbie shop
Handy pocket phone

What I like:. It's a nice solid feeling SMALL pocket size phone. I can just slip it in my pocket or yes even watch pocket and not have to look for where I put it down. Easy to set up on Straight talk... Took about 5-10 minutes. Clear sound. Came with Gboard installed ( voice to text ... Don't EVEN try to speed type on this phone lol). Came with tiny little tempered glass screen protector. It's a nice pocket size android with most features one could expect at a decent price.

What I don't like... Ok.. battery isn't great.. but this is the phone I carry when I go somewhere... Just throw a charger in the car incase.

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