All quality-related defects on items sold directly by Unihertz or Unihertz's authorized resellers are covered by an extensive warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Unihertz's limited warranty is restricted to the country of purchase. The limited warranty is void on items taken outside the country they were originally bought in or shipped to directly from an authorized online purchase.

If your smartphone devices are out of warranty, Unihertz provides repair services to help you repair broken screens, replace batteries, and fix other issues. The price of repair services depends on the type of repair. If your smartphone is beyond repair, you may need to consider replacing it. Please note that all repair and shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

Self-Service Repair

Buy the original replacement parts from Unihertz official website and perform a self-service repair at home.

Local Repair Service

Mail your devices directly to the local Unihertz authorized repair providers in your country for a quick repair.

Unihertz starts to provide Unihertz official replacement parts for Local Repair Service use. Local Repair Service is intended for individuals with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices. If you are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices, get access to Unihertz replacement parts, tools, and repair resources to perform your own out-of-warranty repair. Follow these steps to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs for your Unihertz smartphones, such as battery replacements.

1. Start with the device troubleshooting

Consult Unihertz support team to familiarize yourself with the steps required and the replacement parts and materials needed for your model and repair type. Your product serial number or IMEI may be required.

2. Order Unihertz replacement parts

To purchase the Unihertz replacement parts, shopUnihertz Replacement Parts collectionfrom the Unihertz official store. Unihertz replacement parts are engineered and tailored for each product, and go through extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, integrity, safety, and reliability.

3. Repair your device*

After receiving the Unihertz replacement parts, follow the technical operation advice for your Unihertz smartphone model to perform the repair. Finding a local trained repair specialist to conduct the repair is recommended. In case of unexpected circumstances, You can contact the Unihertz support team by chat or email for further instruction.

* Please note, unprofessional repairs on rugged smartphones might result in the loss of the device's waterproof performance.

Visit UnihertzSelf-Service Replacement Parts Collectionand CheckUnihertz Official Tutorial Blogfor step-by-step instructions.