# Where to find the IMEI number 1 and 2?
1. Settings->System->About Phone->IMEI number 1 and 2
2. On your phone box

# How to update my phone?
Settings->System->About phone->Wireless update

# Why can't I receive the latest update on my phone?
Please follow these steps to clear the update storage first and detect again:
Settings-App$notifications-See all xx apps-Show System(top right corner with 3 dots)-Wireless update-Clear Data and Cache

# How to erase my personal data/factory reset my phone?
Settings->System->Reset Options->Erase all data(factory reset)

# Is broken glass issue covered by warranty? Can I replace the screen by myself?
The broken glass is not covered warranty. We do not provide phone screen separately, but you could send the phone back to us for repair or replacement. We will charge you some repair or replacement cost.

# How do I know if the phone can work with my sim-card in my country?
Please find the the phone's supported bands in product specs and check if those meet your sim-card carrier's needs.

# Is the phone compatible with Verizon?
Our phone can work fine in Verizon network. But as it is not certified by Verizon, you can not activate your new SIM card with it.
You need to activate new SIM card with another Verizon certified device and then use it in our phone.

# When returning the phone back for analysis, do I have to send the accessories (such as charger and cable) back?
For repair, without accessories.
For replacement/refund, with accessories.

# Does the replacement phone have warrranty?
The repairedi/replaced devce will get extra 90 days warranty or the remaining original warranty period, whichever is longer.

# How to solve the problem of black screen when calling?
Please follow the guide to do a small calibration for your phone:
1.Please clear the dust in your proximity censor hole on top of your phone.
2.Imput *#*#3377#*#* in the Dial-up interface.
3.Click Single Test.
4.Click Distance calibration.
5.Follow the guide to finish the process.
You could also contact us to get video guide.

# Why can some apps not work normally when screen is off?
Please activate this app in these 3 places to open some persmissions:
 Settings->Intelligent assitance ->App blocker
 Settings->App&notification->See all apps->this app->Battery->Battery optimization and Background restriction->Don't optimize

# How many keyboard languages does Titan support?
English, English(UK), German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese(Zhuyin, Cangjie, Quick input).
For other languages input such as Greek, we may consider adding it in the future, if it had enough demands.

# I have upgraded to Android 9.0, can I go back to Android 8.0?
It is not advised to downgrade to Android 8.0 since there might be compatibility issues.

# Why does my 4G SIM card display 3G after the setting?
Please contact your operator and check the APN parameters

# Why I cannot access the Internet and send MMS.
Please follow the steps and set the APN: (附上论坛链接)

# Why I can hear others but they can't hear me?
*Go to Sound Recorder app and record a recording for the test.
*Check whether the SIM card works well on the other phone?

# Why people can hear me but I can't hear them?
1. Does this happen to everyone you call, or just some of them?
2. In the same location, please insert your sim-card into another android phone and see if the same problem will happen.
3. Turn on call record in the call interface to record a call, then check whether all the sounds in the recording file are normal.

# Why my battery runs out so quickly?
Please send us the full screenshot in Settings->battery->battery usage
Please follow the steps(附上论坛链接) to capture the battery log and send it to service@unihertz.com for further analysis.