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Atom does not stay connected to a Garmin VivoActive 3 Music

on 11/1/18, 7:08 PM 847 views

My Garmin VivoActive 3 Music smart watch will connect to the Atom without issues, however it will not stay connected.  When I reboot my Atom and in about a minute after I start the Garmin Connect appication on my Atom, my VivoActive 3 will connect and a few minutes later it is no longer be connected.  If I reopen the Garmin Connect application on the Atom it will reconnect, but a few minutes later it will be disconnected again.

On my previous phone (Asus Zenfone 3) when it connected it would stay connected all of the time.  I never needed to open the Garmin Connect application.  Whenever, my Asus phone (Android 8.0) is on it would be connected to the Garmin, and it will notify me of any notifications on my phone and allow me to see who is calling me when my phone rings.

Does anyone know why the Atom will not stay connected to my Garmin VivoActive 3 Music.

Cecil Albrecht
On 11/5/18, 7:58 PM


Be sure to either turn off Power Save Manager, or better yet add VivoActive and any other apps it uses to the Power Save Manager white list.

Settings : Smart Assistant : Power Save Manager
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I was thinking it was related to power saving features but I didn't notice the setting under the "Smart Assistant". After I made the change last night my Garmin VivoActive 3 music has stayed connected the entire time. I have been sending myself random messages and the Atom is now sending them to my Garmin as it did on my previous phone. Thanks for the help.

on 11/6/18, 1:16 PM

Ki Xiaomo
On 3/3/19, 7:28 AM

There are to possible causes:

  1. The Atom has a poor BT signal, compared to other phones. I noticed my Garmin Instinct watch much faster disconnects from Atom than other phones (short distance ...).

  2. The Garmon Connect app is killed while in background. This how to solve it in Android 8.1:

  • Android Settings > Smart Assistant > Power Save Manager : Disable it, or White List your apps that should not be killed while in the background

  • Android Settings > Duraspeed : Disable Duraspeed, or give the apps an exeption (white list)

  • Android Settings > Battery > (press 3 dots menu) Battery Optimisation > (press green menu) All Apps > choose Not Optimised for apps

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