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Android 9.0 update for Atom

Clive Chatwin
on 5/11/19, 7:21 PM 3,182 views

I know you must get fed up of hearing this all the time, but you must realise that this is a subject customers care about these days. I also know it's dangerous to give dates out as then people will try to hold you to it, and people get upset if it's delayed. 

However, could you at least give some feedback as to whether you are still working on the 9.0 pie update, and that we will still receive it in due course. I really like my Atom, but I also like to keep things up to date too. I would hate to have to ditch it due to lack of support. Thank you.

Clive Chatwin
On 6/1/19, 3:15 PM

Well, Anything?

Scott Howard
On 8/28/19, 7:22 AM

I ended up manually flashing the latest firmware to my Atom using the tools on Unihertz's Google Drive support / documentation / firmware archive.

The phone seems to be working fine for me. I get 4G LTE and everything just fine. I even have the battery percentage next to the battery icon. 

On 8/27/19, 7:25 AM

I've got a problem so I haven't updated my Atom. After tapping "instal now", the wireless update screen turns off... and nothing more. There is last used app back or home screen. Of course, battery is over 30% and 9.0 is downloaded. 

Anyone has this problem or knows the sollution? 

Btw is the 9.0 update even makes sens? If no, how to shutdown pernamently the pop-up about installing new wersion of software? 

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I also have the same problem I don't know what to do!

on 1/6/20, 7:08 AM

On 8/24/19, 10:37 AM

After the Android 9.0 update, applications in the background spontaneously close, even if their activity is enabled, especially smart watch applications. I also noticed a decrease in brightness intensity. I feel Android 9.0 is created to ensure maximum battery savings at the expense of user comfort. Is it possible to upload previous versions of Android 8.1 in some way? Thank you

On 8/24/19, 1:06 AM

After upgrading Atom to Android 9 Pie, if you use it as a speaker during a call, there is a problem that the microphone will be disabled.

The Atom microphone is also disabled for video calls.

Is there a way to deal with it?

If it is not a speaker, the microphone is fine.

It can be used without problems such as calls and voice recorders.

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I have the same problem

Petr Simek
on 8/24/19, 11:36 PM

I have the same problem

Petr Simek
on 8/24/19, 11:37 PM

On 8/16/19, 12:38 PM

After updating to Android 9, standby battery life became poorer and I can't sync my Garmin Epix watch anymore (but my Garmin Instinct has no issues). Please solve these issues! Thanks.

I really regret updating to Android 9. Can I downgrade to Android 8 again? Howto?


G Zion
On 8/15/19, 3:16 PM

I made the mistake of updating to 9. Phone can’t receive 4G anymore. I’ve checked settings and 4G is the preferred option and LTE is set to on. Also when turning off airplane mode the phone won’t go out of airplane mode until you close the screen (either by letting it time out or hitting the top right button.) then reopen the screen and it will then go out of airplane mode.

also we lost the % charge numbers now it’s just that tiny tiny rectangle in the top right corner of the screen.

these are just what I’ve noticed so far. Can I go back to previous version?

On 8/14/19, 11:42 AM

I got an wireless update notice today 2019-08-14 (Android 9; latest Google sec patches; optimized autio effects). 

Trying to find if anyone have applied the update without problem before I commit to it. ;)

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I would say don’t do it yet. I did and my phone is all screwed up.

G Zion
on 8/15/19, 3:17 PM

Timo Christoffer
On 7/10/19, 9:50 AM

Any update on this?

On 6/8/19, 7:01 PM

Android 9.0 Pie release date was in August 2018 with broad adoption in North America by the fall of the same year.  Almost a year has passed since initial release and Unihertz continues to be mum about the upgrade.  At this point I am not holding my breath they will actually release it to Atom. 

Truth be told, I haven't seen that many forum posts by the manufacturer which leads me to be believe their CS department either doesn't monitor it or doesn't care much what we, the customers, would like happen.  I like my Atom regardless, but wish CS is more responsive.

Marc Stas
On 6/5/19, 7:41 PM

We are all waiting for this..

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