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Replacement cover for Unihertz Atom

on 8/7/19, 2:22 PM 3,302 views

After half a year of use, the rubber case of the Atom have peeled off one by one, revealing its red plastic cover. I would like to ask if you have plans to sell a replacement rubber cover? Preferably a single continuous cover, not like the original. Thanks.

I have similar problem, the rubber wrap casing started to feel off. Rubber cementing it didn't worked. So to stop detaching which started on the SIM CARD SLOT cover, I patched it with black vinyl electrical tape. Yap, after 6 months of use. What can we do about it?

PIFIA INC, Ernie "5Zero" Claudio
on 9/13/19, 8:28 AM

Same problem for me in New Zealand

George Laking
on 12/23/19, 6:06 AM

Same as above

Virmantas Rapalis
on 6/14/20, 8:29 AM

Jonas Haller
On 8/14/19, 8:27 AM

Similar problem here. The rubber starts to come off on the side near the SIM slot.

M.J. Lowe
On 7/4/20, 5:19 PM

Same problem and same location, next to the SIM slot. Was there ever an answer to this?

On 4/19/20, 12:10 PM

Exactly the same problem. The rubber peeled off next to the SIM slot. Is it possible to get a spare cover? Unihertz reply, please!

On 9/25/19, 4:38 PM

Same With me, will contact the Service. It's still in Warenty. Was one of the latest buyers of the presell.

It started at the sym-slot and now also goes a bit loose at the 3,5mm audio jack. Still in Warenty so expect it to be solved.

On 9/13/19, 6:48 PM

jop, same problem as well. also next to sim card slot

Pedro Pimenta
On 9/11/19, 12:59 AM

I had the same problem!

On 9/4/19, 6:25 AM

Same problem for me same location too, I've send an email to service attention with no answer. Seem a manufacturing deficiency. Non of you received any answer from tecnical support? I guess all are still in warranty.

On 9/1/19, 5:49 PM

I have this problem too - I thought it was just me until I saw this thread.  Has anyone had any success in sticking it back on?  I've tried superglue which worked for a day or two but it soon peeled off again.

On 8/31/19, 5:21 PM

I have the same problem, too, the rubber case is getting off. Is there a way to fix it? (if possible without paying 2 times the prices of the phone :-))

I have some photos but I can't find the way to attach them here.


Andreas Bachmann
On 8/27/19, 3:03 PM

ch kenne das Problem, es ist wie bei mir. Leider war von Unihertz nur zu hören, dass ich das Ganze mit Klebstoff wieder festmachen soll. Ich soll aber etwas aussuchen, das es im Notfall ermöglicht auch den SIM-Karten-Slot notfalls mit Gewalt öffnen zu können. 

Die Antwort sagt mir dass es bei Unihertz niemanden interessiert, was mit den ausgelieferten Systemen ist.

ch bin schwer enttäuscht und habe deshalb auch kein Interesse an dem neuesten Produkt von Unihertz. Ich schaue mich anderweitig um, weil ich mit dieser Art von Kundenservice innerhalb der Garantiefrist nicht einverstanden bin.

On 8/26/19, 7:18 PM

Well, contact cement didn't work. It doesn't stick to the rubber, of all things. It does stick very well to the plastic, though, and it continues to harden as time goes by, so you have to scrape it all off.

I wish someone here from Unihertz would tell me what type of glue they use to adhere the rubber to the plastic case. Cyanoacrolate won't come off of the plastic once I put it on, regardless of whether it sticks or not. To make matters worse, my research says that cyanoacrolate (super-glue) doesn't stand up well to sheer stresses, and the stretchy rubber will almost certainly experience just that when the phone is dropped on the corner I glue. (Maybe that's why it came lose in the first place?)

Keith Warr
On 8/21/19, 7:16 PM

Just adding my voice to the rest, I've got exactly the same problem in exactly the same place.  There's obviously a manufacturing defect in our batch of phones.  I think I was kickstarter #30-something, if that helps.

On 8/19/19, 6:46 PM

Same here, same place.

On 8/19/19, 5:18 PM

Interesting that it's coming off at the sim slot for everyone. I'm considering whether it would be best to use industrial strength contact cement or cyanoacrylate (super glue) to try to bond it back to the phone. I doubt it has any impact on water resistance, but it probably changes the impact resistance of the phone.

On 8/16/19, 7:51 PM

same here... what do i do?  it's coming up all over the phone and will soon need to be either glued down or removed... rendering it less rugged than desired. 

On 8/15/19, 9:04 PM

Same problem here and same location, next to the SIM slot

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Same issue on my unit. Unihertz please advise solution.

Madeleine Santos
on 10/11/19, 10:07 AM

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