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[Solved] jelly pro burning.can you refund my order

on 1/31/19, 1:12 PM 140 views

Hello, my jelly pro gets burning. I bought a new battery it's the same! I turned it off for 4 hours and I loaded it 100%. Everything is ok but as soon as I turn it on it starts to heat up and the battery life drops in 1 hour to 0 !! What to do is it unusable !! Note I have it for a long time. There is no application in the background !!

I just order a battery. the last order is 1 year old !! I'm fed up can you refund my order (Your order # SO10172 will be processed by the payment is received.) Thank you

I placed an order with you and Ebay. Can you send me my battery quickly enough, I have no phone, the phone heats and the battery is discharged in 10 minutes. As I have already changed once in the past and ordered at home, can you make a commercial gesture and refund my two purchases? I find it abnormal that the battery heats up this way and prevents the phone from working. Thank you

On 2/4/19, 2:22 PM

Thank you, no no apps in the background and no bluetooth nor WIfi gps at the same time. It heats up as I turn it on the battery lasts 10 minutes it is burning. I ordered two batteries! I do not understand why Unihertz does not rebuff me !! Should I switch to android 7 !!! I am in android 8! Are you sure?I'm waiting for my battery I do not have a smartphone anymore

Hello, I just received my battery. Same problem the smartphone heats as soon as it is turned on, the autonomy goes to zero after 30 minutes! What to do . Can the support help me? No substantive task. Android version 8


Hello, actually after having tested everything the problem came from gmail. With no application in the background no notification smash phone heats up and becomes burning when turned on. Android 8.1 in settings then battery and check the applications that consume we see gmail, we select use and choose optimized! I did the same with the only application that remained unoptimized: youtube. Everything is ok after 5 minutes! the smartphone does not heat up anymore!

Michael Czajka
On 2/4/19, 9:11 AM

I find that if I have everything turned off the battery doesn't heat up. It's when you have everything turned on that the battery discharges quickly.

Make sure your Wifi, bluetooth and GPS are not on when you start the phone.

Usually I don't have all 3 on at the same time... although I sometimes have one or two of them on.

Typically if I'm navigating I'll connect the phone to the car charger so that the battery doesn't go flat too quickly.

Unihertz could improve the battery a bit (or the power management?) as the phone shouldn't heat up just because you are using all the features.

It should be possible to fit a bigger battery in the phone if Unihertz modified the back cover slightly: A bigger battery would probably fix the problem... as it's probably just that the current draw is a bit high when using everything i.e. It should not be possible for the battery to go flat in a few minutes.

BTW: Everything was running fairly happily on Android 7. Android 8 didn't seem to manage app access quite as well... and thus seemed more prone to overheating.


P.S. Haven't had this problem with the Atom (although the battery does heat up sometimes)... but it has a battery twice the size of the Jelly.

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