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Update for Jelly Pro 28.02.2019

Inga Kott
on 3/28/19, 5:22 PM 4,561 views

The update doesn't work, during installation the screen turns black and the word "Fehler" ("ERROR") appears, after some seconds the phone restarts without installing the update.

Can somebody help? Phone: Jelly Pro


Customer Service

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123, Japan
--Customer Service--

Customer Service
On 4/8/19, 3:38 AM

For this problem, please contact service@unihertz.com


But when the SD-card is integrated in system-memory as extended-APP-memory, will it easely reconnect without data-loss after updating.??

The answer is; 

I installed my SD-card as followed;

What is an Adoptable Storage?

There is a feature on Android called Adoptable Storage. It allows a removable microSD card installed on an Android phone to be used as the internal storage. This way you can cross the space hurdle if the phone has a low internal memory.

Google introduced Adoptable Storage with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Methods to do the similar task existed earlier. However, they weren’t easy to implement.

Some important things to consider

While adopting a storage, whether an SD card or USB drive, Android formats and changes it’s FAT32 or exFAT format to ext4 or f2fs. Using your SD card as an internal storage might sound good to your ears. But everything comes at a price and so does the adaptable storage feature. There are some pros and cons. 

How to use SD card as internal storage on Android?

Configuring your SD card to behave as the internal storage on Android is a simple process. Please note that your SD card would get formatted during the process, do remember to backup your data.

It might be possible that the Adoptable Storage feature is not present on your device even if it is running Android 6.0 and above. The device manufacturer may have disabled the feature. However, command-line methods exist which allow you to force a device to adopt a storage.

Here are the steps to adopt your SD card:

  1. Put the SD card on your Android phone and wait for it to get detected.
  2. Now, open Settings.
  3. Scroll down and go to the Storage section.
  4. Tap the name of your SD card.
  5. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Tap Storage Settings.
  7. Choose format as internal option.

  8. After the format process completes, you have the freedom to use your removable SD card as a ‘somewhat’ permanent storage. But keep in mind, it’s not hot swappable like the portable SD cards. So, don’t remove it without using the Eject option. Moreover, you can practically remove the adopted storage but it is not recommended as it may cause errors on the device.

With Adoptable Storage, Android encrypts the external SD card being used as an internal storage, thus, it gets tied to a specific Android device. The key used to encrypt the data on the SD card is stored on the Android device’s internal memory. So, it is not possible to mount an adopted storage to another device because of its encrypted nature.

However, you can remove the storage from your device and put it back on. The device will remember the details about the apps installed on the adopted SD card to reverse the settings with the adopted storage is connected later on. This way you can use another SD card also.

Always make sure, you don’t remove the adopted SD card without following the unmount procedure, otherwise, the storage media might get corrupted.

On 3/28/19, 8:54 PM

If you have a sdcard, go to settings->storage and eject the card. Then download the update and reboot.

Mine has now the Build number: Unihertz_Jelly_Pro_20190326.

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