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Want to purchase a bigger battery

on 2/22/19, 9:20 AM 3,828 views

The phone is amazing, but I would need a battery with better capacity.

Are you thinking on this? Thank you.

join to request...

itschak elcharar
on 2/28/19, 4:51 PM


Customer Service

--Customer Service--
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123, China
--Customer Service--

Customer Service
On 2/25/19, 7:44 AM

Thank you for your suggestion. We will try our best.

Ben levin
On 9/14/19, 7:21 PM

I am joining in with the rest 

The phone is amazing  but the battery life is horrible.

I went back to use my old phone because the jelly wont last a work day in my pocket even without using it at all.

You have to make a better battery 

Kévin Favry
On 9/10/19, 2:45 PM


F. Rossi
On 8/7/19, 6:04 AM

me too.

Unihertz, please, make a bigger battery! 

Chris Holton
On 7/30/19, 12:38 PM

yeah - I love the phone but it's battery life makes it pretty much useless as anything more than a novelty item

Nesher Asner
On 7/12/19, 2:48 AM

Larger battery/larger back: Me too!

On 6/19/19, 10:30 PM

Please Unihertz, do a kickstarter of an extended battery and back cover and you'll see a lot of Jelly users will be interested. I would pay for it but until then I can't use it since it won't last a day.

Tegner Jacobson
On 6/17/19, 7:42 PM

Honestly, I would purchase a larger battery in a heartbeat. I'm looking into getting a different back cover and altering it to allow for 2 batteries in series. If there was an official back cover and larger battery- I have no doubt that people would buy them.

Claudio Dadone
On 3/5/19, 11:46 AM

I need a battery with better capacity. 

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me too. larger battery please

Michael POTTS
on 10/8/19, 7:01 AM

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