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on 1/5/19, 7:41 PM 81 views

I want to amplify ulifa's post on 12/16 because this had dragged on for too long.  It is fundamental feature of a cell phone to be alerted to an incoming call.  If we can't hear it ring, the phone is a failure.  My Jelly Pro and others ring so faint that it is almost impossible to hear.

When I test the ringtones, their volume is loud.  When I select them as my ringtone, they are faint.  I uploaded an exceptionally loud ringtone and tried it.  When testing it, the sound was so loud I immediately turned it off.  When I called my phone, I could barely hear it.  BTW sound enhancement in the Settings is on.  Same problem with the alarm and messages tones.

My question, is when will Unihertz fix this?

On 1/7/19, 7:36 PM

What about "Settings->Smart Assistant->Gradually increase incoming ring volume"? Is it off?

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I just tried that. I turned it off. Now it won't ring at all. Totally silent when I call my phone. When I turned it back on, it rings again but it is still faint.

There is only one speaker on the phone. It has two settings, one for use against the ear and the other for use as a speaker phone. I think the sound file plays using the speaker phone mode when I test it in Settings. I think the ringtone plays in “against the ear” mode when it is in use as a ringtone. The same is true for alarms, default messages, text messages, and all the notifications sounds for WhatsAp.

Unihertz needs to check their code to confirm the ringtone plays in speaker phone mode.

on 1/7/19, 8:03 PM

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