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Can I roll back to ver 8?

G Zion
on 8/15/19, 3:27 PM 407 views

I foolishly updated to 9 and now I can’t get 4G service. Can’t get out of airplane mode unless you close the screen then reopen, lost the % battery number. Now it’s just a tiny tiny rectangle.

is it possible to revert back to the previous s/w version?

update: I completely powered off the phone then powered back on and I can get 4G service. All the other issues remain.

On 9/5/19, 7:16 AM

EDIT: after days of frustration I have finally got things working correctly - I have disabled Duraspeed  (Settings > Duraspeed) and Appblocker (Settings > smartAssistan > AppBlocker) and things are back to normal thank goodness... I think it would be best if these features were disabled by default so that each person can configure them how they want them - it would save a lot of frustration.

I"m having issues with 9.0 too.  I've switched off "Duraspeed" yet still I don't get app notifications and apps which are supposed to be running in the background do not.

Also Outlook stopped working and after re-installing it I can't add my Office 365 accounts back in - Microsoft don't know what the issue is.

I would love to be able to roll back to Android 8

On 8/24/19, 10:39 AM

After the Android 9.0 update, applications in the background spontaneously close, even if their activity is enabled, especially smart watch applications. I also noticed a decrease in brightness intensity. I feel Android 9.0 is created to ensure maximum battery savings at the expense of user comfort. Is it possible to upload previous versions of Android 8.1 in some way? Thank you

Lee Bestwick
On 8/22/19, 10:29 PM

Same here after I install software update my galaxy watch has lost connection and if I get it connected it last for about 5 mins then goes again. 

Does anyone actually look at these posts from unihertz? 

Bruce Tanquist
On 8/20/19, 6:18 PM

I want to rollback too. After the update, Skype doesn't ring and my bluetooth watch keeps disconnecting.

On 8/18/19, 12:07 PM

I'm having troubles to: Garmin Epix freeze when syncing with Atom Android 9. I want to go bacj to Android 8. Howto?

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