New update is available for TickTock of Unihertz!

New update is available for TickTock of Unihertz!

Unihertz has updated our TickTock phone, we have improved stability, fixed several issues and improved the performance of the phone which brings you a better experience!

After much effort, TickTock can be updated, bringing you a better experience!

Unihertz always take high-quality products as our bottom line and do our best to satisfy our customers' needs.

The new update for TickTock is now available, you can upgrade your device via "Settings->About Phone->Wireless Update"

Please find the detailed update information below:

1. Support NFC card emulation 

2. Add front camera flash function(with flash on, you can get brighter and clear selfies in dark)

3. Optimized the audio

4. Optimized the battery charging 

5. Optimized the screen touch response of sub-screen

6. Optimized the recovery mode

7. Optimized the sub-screen display

8. Optimized the camera image display of sub-screen