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APN change to fix MMS issue

Steve Exley
on 2020/05/29 0:46 275 ビュー

How do I access the APN settings to change them? I have read this is how to fix the issue where my Atom will not receive MMS. See answer from another site copied here:

The problem with the data on Public Mobile is that you have to Edit/Add a APN (access point name) and Android 8.1 blocks you from accessing the edit menu.


Unihertz send me a new ROM image (1.3GB) that I installed in the phone. After that I was able to enter into a different menu like the engineering mode on the phone and I was able to update/add a new APN.


Unihertz said that they will provide an update to all phones so that other people don't run into the same problem.

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