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Can I install Samsung Gear app if I wanna use it with Galaxy Watch?

on 2020/05/04 16:46 355 ビュー

Anyone use Atom with Galaxy Watch? Because Atom low res I dont know if Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) can be installed.

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Tegner Jacobson
オン 2020/05/06 2:58

You can use it with the galaxy wearable app and it seems to work pretty well, what doesn't work is the Samsung Health app that integrates with the watch, so you won't be able to see your steps or workout on the phone.

The stock software kept cutting out the bluetooth connection to save battery, so do the following:

Go to Settings, apps & notifications, advanced, special app access, battery optimization and change the samsung wearable apps to "not optimized"
Next, go to Settings, Intelligent assistance, App blocker and change the samsung wearable app to not be restricted. 
This should work.


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