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Lineages support - Howto unlock bootloader?

on 2018/11/01 6:45 5,924 ビュー

It would be nice to be able to use lineageos. Your security patch level is old. 

How can I use a custom ROM with atom?

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I'd also be very interested in a LineageOS ROM or something similar for the Atom.

on 2019/01/11 0:23

オン 2018/11/19 11:55
You can unlock the bootloader easily enough, but I don't think there is any custom ROM built for Atom yet.

To unlock bootloader:
Enable developer mode by tapping on Build Number 7-10 times.
Go to developer options.
Enable USB debugging and oem unlocking.
Connect to a computer with adb
Accept the prompt on the phone screen
Type adb devices to ensure it the atom appears and there are no permissions issues
Type adb reboot bootloader
Once rebooted (should say "FASTBOOT MODE..." on the phone)
Type fastboot devices, ensure phone shows up
Type fastboot oem unlock

This will put the phone into "orange mode" always warning you that the bootloader has been unlocked at startup

To take it out of orange mode, make sure you haven't flashed a new bootloader, and do the reverse (fastboot oem lock)


I really wish we could get LineageOS, or some other maintained ROM.  I also have security concerns. 

Simone Cenedese
オン 2019/01/17 19:47

any news? :P


I successfully made root on Unihertz Titan installed magisk and kali nethunter. Removed unnecessary system applications like quickstep. Contact)) Now there is interest in launching Lineage OS as well as UBUNTU TOUCH  but not enough firmware images 

I invite all who care and who tried to share images on the modification. In particular, there is already a patch for MAGISK which makes the touch keyboard in Titan smoother, since the default keyboard movement is very sharp. Now my phone touch keyboard is similar to Blackberry Passport to whom it will be interesting to invite you to participate my twitter


オン 2019/03/26 21:16

me too ...

I would love to have LineageOS on the Atom

Are there any initiatives?
What is the status?
Anybody has some news?


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