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"No preferred SIM selected for sending SMS messages"

on 2018/11/07 7:45 4,220 ビュー

I selected "Ask every time" for SMS Messages in SIM settings because I want to select which SIM I will be using for every single message I send.

When I try sending an SMS with this setting, a toast pops up that says "No preferred SIM selected for sending SMS messages"

It does not ask me which SIM I want to use; it just stops right there and fails to send the message.

This feature works with my Jelly-Pro.

I don't want to have to go to Settings and select which SIM I want to send with every time I send an SMS. This method is very prone to mistakes. This is a matter of preserving my SIM credits.

Please send an update with a correction. Thanks.

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オン 2020/04/16 5:15

not sim card 

オン 2018/11/29 13:11

Hi Kate, I think a few of us have had this problem :-)

After much messing about I have discovered that an answer is to select one or other SIM for SMS in settings, it does not seem to make a difference which, and then when you go to write a text there is an option at the right hand side of the text box to choose Sim 1 or 2. It is obviously a glitch of some sort but this solution works well.



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