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The microphone for calls is getting weaker and weaker

meir lifshits
on 2020/02/25 16:53 1,672 ビュー

It is very difficult for people to hear me when I talk to them over the phone, the microphone used for calls is very weakened.

The microphone appears to be blocked by dirt. How can I open and clean it?

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Cecil Albrecht
オン 2020/03/17 19:21

It's all caused by the rubber that expands/stretches/bulges all over the case. The thumbprint sensor is surrounded by rubber. The rubber has a tiny cutout on the right side to allow sound to get to the microphone. The rubber bulges and covers it. I got a razor and tweezers and just cut out enough of the rubber to expose the red plastic with the microphone hole in it. Works great now. It's not pretty, but it works.

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I can confirm that it works. Thank you Cecil. I did mine with a 1.5mm thick needle and a lighter. I cut the rubber with the needle heated with the lighter. It is not pretty either.

on 2020/03/21 10:36

Hi, I face the same problem, and I am very excited with your answer. Can you provide a photo after cut the rubber? I worry I will break my phone if I cut the wrong position.

on 2020/03/23 14:36

Didier Triest
オン 2020/07/09 19:38

Hi, I have the same problem. 

オン 2020/03/23 14:56

Does anyone fix this problem by applying the last OTA update `Unihertz_Atom_20191114_20200227-1932`? The description only state that it will fix the disappear of **Digital Wellbeing** function in **Settings**.

**update** 2020-04-25

Can anyone provide a photo after cut the rubber please?

I tried to cut the rubber with a cutter kinfe, but fail.

I think that I really need a photo or vedio to know how to do it.

**update** 2020-05-16

here is the photo after i cut the rubber with cutter knife and needle.


i believe that mic hole is inside the gap between black rubber and red shell.

there was a sticker below the home key, i finally remove it because i also cut the rubber below it.

オン 2020/04/15 7:37

I have the original firmware and have the same problem with microphone. It could be that it there is something in the updates too, but I am going to rub the rubber...

オン 2020/03/17 12:31

Hi, I have the same problem. I strongly believe that it came with an update. Some of the other brands seemed to have the same problem at some point. I started reading how to change the microphone parameters in the "build.prop" file but it far from being easy. I hope a fix will be release soon so I don't have to fight with that.

オン 2020/03/11 1:55

Microphone not detecting voice at all...even Google Now does not detect any voice...any fix...seems to have stopped after last update

Stefan Gauler
オン 2020/03/04 18:03

Sampe Probleme here. 

I solved it with a headset 

オン 2020/02/27 12:41


same with my Atom microphone... So how to find out if there´s a soft- or hardwareproblem? And how to fix?

オン 2020/02/27 8:30

Hi, I have same issue - the sound recorded by microphone is very silent and very bad quality. I've tested both sound recording and also calls - same issue. I must shout at people during calls so they can hear me. And when the call uses Voice over LTE, because of bad microphone, the sound is terrible.

Either it's caused by last Android update or it's caused by hardware problems, anyway few months ago (e.g. december 2019) this didn't happen.



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