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Dead Jelly Pro after Flashing

Luigi Camporesi
on 2019/02/09 12:12 2,612 ビュー

I've flashed 2018092612_c223v37m_dfl_pro with SP_MDT_exe_v3.1812.00.00-A2018.08.30-v1.5-unihertz obtaining the error message DL Error and a dead Jelly Pro. It is connecting but does not get flashing anymore. f<ollowing procedure as in the flashing manual does not work. Any suggestions?

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オン 2020/06/27 20:39

K. Hind: Hope you can downgrade to 7.  I luckily never updated past Android 7 because in Android 8, Google deleted the "Background Task Clear" option. That let me automatically turn off 50+ apps that were running in the background. I only have 6 running now when I turn the phone on. With light-medium texting and limited calls, I can get up to 2 days of battery life. On standby (hardly using it at all), 4 days. Google should not have taken control over people's app usage.

PS. No WiFi running-- that would kill it.

K. Hind
オン 2019/02/27 15:56

Did you solve the Problem. I wanted to downgrade to Android 7 but nothing happens after flashing 

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i'm in the same situation.. so let me know if you got somthing...

itschak elcharar
on 2019/02/28 16:46


Customer Service

--Customer Service--
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--Customer Service--

Customer Service
オン 2019/02/12 1:55


For this problem, pls contact service@unihertz.com

Soon there will be one of our professional colleague to help you.


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