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Dialling keypad during call

Mick Bert
on 2020/01/24 9:41 944 ビュー

During a call, is there a way to show a numerical keypad? It is necessary whenever you have to press a number to select a function or a final destination of the call.

I have just called a company, and an automatic voice told me to press

1 for an office

2 for another office

and so on.

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Found the answer here: <a href="https://www.unihertz.com/forum/jelly-jelly-pro-4/question/how-to-keep-the-dial-pad-displayed-during-a-call-213">How to keep the dial pad displayed during a cal</a>

Mick Bert
on 2020/01/24 9:45

オン 2020/06/27 19:49

I'm using Android 7, so I don't know if this will work on 8. I use an app called Screen On Call by VORLAN Group. It works very well. Screen never blacks out and keypad stays up.

オン 2020/01/31 19:15

Yes, no problem. If the screen is off, just push the power button once to wake it up. Then click the orange unlock symbol. You will now have several options, and one of the is a button for showing the keyboard.


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