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How to keep the dial pad displayed during a call

Kimiaki Yamaguchi
on 2019/01/08 8:25 3,751 ビュー

I am having a problem displaying the dial pad (0-9, #, and *) during a phone call.  There is no icon to show the dial pad on the screen which appears when I make or answer a phone call.  I checked the setting section but could not find any item which turns the dial pad on during a phone call.  Does anyone know how to do this?  My Jelly Pro has been updated to Android 8.1.  However, I had this problem before the system update.

K. Yamaguchi

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オン 2019/02/17 6:55

Solved.  THIS WORKS.  However, there may TWO issues here.

When you make a call, you always see on the left a red icon that looks like a phone, and on the RIGHT is an icon that looks like an orange "unlocked lock."  Lightly press the ORANGE icon on the RIGHT....the one that looks like and "unlocked lock".....and the display will immediately change and display in the center THREE new icons....MUTE on the left, KEYPAD in the middle and SPEAKER on the right.  Press the "KEYPAD" ICON  in the center and your keypad will appear....!  

Second issue: THIS DROVE ME NUTS....the display would "go dark" right after I started the call and I could not select anything.  FIX:  In  "SETTINGS" the "DISPLAY" then "SLEEP" time must be set long enough!  If your screen display goes DARK too quickly,  you will have a blank display and can't see anything without pressing the "wake" button on the right of the phone!  My advice is to change your "setting" "display" "sleep" time to 2 minutes.  This way, when you make a call, you will have 2 minutes to answer, listen, and then select the keypad icon and the keypad keys.  (or mute or speaker).  For example, if I am retrieving voicemail, I immediately follow the instructions above so the keypad is displayed BEFORE the call is even answered.

For a long call, after being on the phone over two minutes, the display will be dark.  To display the keypad, press the "wake" button on the right side, and then press the orange "unlock lock" button to display the keypad.

Hope this helps.  I LOVE my Jelly Pro. 


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Both the first suggestions above helped me, but if you press the 'wake' button during a call, you might hang up the call; to avoid this you'd have to have "Power button ends call" turn off. This can be found in Settings -> Accessibility.

Judith Rudolph
on 2019/03/31 4:13

オン 2020/06/21 14:26

I'm using Android 7, so I don't know if this will work on 8. I use an app called Screen On Call by VORLAN Group. It works very well. Screen never blacks out and keypad stays up.


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Customer Service
オン 2019/01/09 6:35

For this problem, pls contact service@unihertz.com with the screenshot, thank you!


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