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Jelly too small, try this:.....

David R Smith
on 2019/02/11 9:54 3,451 ビュー

Jelly pro battery life is absolutely useless.  Getting a day is a joke. 6 hours if you are lucky.

Something SERIOUSLY needs to be done.

Software might help if hungry app are switched of, or slept when not ACTUALLY needed.

Fast Charge would help.

Bigger battery is a MUST.

Perhaps the Jelly Pro is actually TOO SMALL.

I would suggest the following format: 3.5" screen.  3 x 4 ratio, so 2.1" x 2.8", so case would be 2.25" x 3.5", by say, 0.625"

Fixed capacitive buttons, not part of the screen, but distributed among microphone, speaker, and camera positions.

Single vol/on/off button: top of button up, bottom down, middle power.

Get rid of all plugs & sockets, and use RF charger.  This could be half of a transformer magnetically coupled to the case bottom, and the other half in the charging cradle.

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オン 2019/02/11 16:52

I think so.

Battery life is serious problem.

But I like this smallness. Recent smart phones are too big.

I carry the portable battery with JellyPro.

It is an actual picture.      Sorry too small photo.


- Dimensions 66 * 66* 16mm  60g & 1430mAh

Amazon Japan deals with a lot of compact batteries.

I hope this information is helpful.

I am using Google translation. From Japan.(^^)

オン 2020/06/27 20:34

I never updated past Android 7 because in Android 8, Google deleted the "Background Task Clear" option. That let me automatically turn off 50+ apps that were running in the background. I only have 6 running now when I turn the phone on. With light-medium texting and limited calls, I can get up to 2 days of battery life. On standby (hardly using it at all), 4 days. Google should not have taken control over people's app usage.

PS. No WiFi running-- that would kill it.

オン 2019/06/17 13:36

Make sure you DO THE WIRELESS update.  This problem was identified long ago and for me the wireless update doubled my battery life.  Very happy now.     


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