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misallignment / inaccurate map issues for car sharing apps on jelly pro

on 2020/02/25 9:52 710 ビュー

I have used several car and e-scooter sharing apps successfully on the jelly pro in the past, but recently accross several apps, the cars or scooters cannot be found where they are marked on the map. If it was happening in just one app, I would have blamed the app, but the evidence seems to be several apps at once - have noted a problem on three apps. I don't think it is the GPS or positioning which is an issue as the position displayed on the map corresponds indeed to wherever I am. Am guessing it is either that the apps are not refreshing the position of the vehicles each time they load or that the loaded positions are displayed somehow misalligned with the map grid.

Has anyone else experienced this issue on the jelly pro? Any ideas how to solve it?

One of the apps with the issue is "share now" which is a recently built app, being the merger of "drive now" and "car2go". On the reviews on google play, other users there complain that the cars are not where they are marked, but I have used this app on a larger device and not (yet) experienced that problem. Two other apps on my jelly pro are having this issue, I hope it can be solved so I can keep using the phone..

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