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Solution for "error" during the OTA procedure!

Customer Service
on 2018/08/08 8:26 2,671 ビュー
Recently we find that it will fail to update firmware if you place SD card in your phone and use it as internal storage, in this case, you can finish OTA package download progress, but after you click “Install now” button, error message will occur in update progress, now we find a solution for this case. 
Please check it in the attachment document.

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Dear CS,

i tried to update manually as you mentioned in the attachement. After downloading i found the update-file.After starting the update, android shutted down normally but then the word "Fehler" (error) occured on black screen. After that I could start the phone normally, but nothing was updated. Any idea?



Thomas Dorant
on 2019/10/20 12:20

オン 2019/10/09 22:00


If your phone language is anything else than English, please set it to English and try again...

Best regards, Rob.

オン 2019/10/08 19:32

Did you try to eject the sdcard (Settings->Storage->Eject), then download the update and then install it?

Or remove the sdcard physically and then start the update process (download + install)?

Bill Holmes
オン 2019/10/08 6:26

I have followed the above instructions. The Jelly Pro shows it is updating and reboots. The build remains Unihertz_Jelly-Pro_N_20180808 not build Unihertz_N_Jelly-Pro_20190326.  I then get a message that a wireless update is available. 


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