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* A smart USB Type C cable with LED display

* Allows to display battery volume and notification of un-answered calls and messages(Only for Unihertz smartphones)

* Allows to display charging current, voltage during the charging.

Handling time: 5 business days.

Note: Unpaid order will be auto cancelled in one hour.

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Quick Charge

Charge your smartphone with USB Type C port and show the battery volume simultaneously.

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360° Full Protection

Shock-absorbing lightweight material that protects against drops while going out and easy to carry.

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In Package

1* uCable (1m)

1* User guide

USB Type-C - Plug'n Play

UCable offers an USB Type-C connector that enables quick charge, and rich display capabilities with particular software support.

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Unihertz image and text block

Tailored For All Unihertz Smartphones

High-definition LED Screen can display not only the current charging voltage & current, but battery power precentage, missed calls, unread text messages and other notifications.
It offers you the best convenience and makes the charging process transparent.

Note: For non-Unihertz smartphone, uCable only displays the current charging voltage and charging current.