Rough & Rugged! The Unihertz Atom Smartphone

ByJesse James Published on June 7, 2018


Yes, smartphones are great. They are essentially computers in our pockets, but the drawback is they don’t do well under rough and rugged circumstances. Today we get an answer for those looking for a tougher smartphone; the Unihertz Atom. The unique new design offers a more robust approach. The Unihertz Atom smartphone runs the latest Android OS but has a 2.45-inch display that is big enough for all the essentials.


Unihertz CMS - a big picture

The phone is small and straightforward, though it comes complete with an octa-core processor, dual nano sim slots, a 16MP camera with an 8MP front camera, GPS, 4GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner, NFC, and 64GB of storage. If that wasn’t enough the phone is also IP68-rated so it can withstand water, dust, and more. For those of you who desire a little more toughness with your smartphone, this is that!


Check out the Unihertz Atom in the image up top and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about the design immediately. Stay tuned for more smartphones coming soon.