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Atom Android 9 upgraded. Cannot find how to show battery percentage in status bar.

Sugimori, Mitsuhiro
2019/8/9 下午10:35 2,268 浏览

Atom Android 9 successfully upgraded last night.  I noticed no battery percentage in status bar.

Settings > Battery

I cannot find 'Battery percentage'.

Tom Wesolowski
2019/8/18 下午7:02

Download ui tuner, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bryancandi.android.uituner, toggle percentage on, then uninstall app. Playstore app- System ui tuner-launcher shortcut. After hours of searching I found this and it was simple and works after you delete the app. 

This is what I need. Thank you so much.

Sugimori, Mitsuhiro
2019/8/19 下午12:40

Michael Czajka
2019/8/13 上午8:09

If the battery indicator being hard to find is the only quibble with the upgrade of the Atom to Android 9 OS then it might be worth upgrading early?

Will the Jelly Pro also get an upgrade?


P.S. Wonder if Android 9 has better control of apps? Turning off unwanted apps seems to be a constant battle with Android. Unwanted apps running in the background sap your battery and slow your phone down. There has been a significant improvement in the amount of control you get with each version of Android... but apps that you've turned off have a tendency to spring back to life without your permission... and there are still a few apps that appear to be impossible to delete.

PPS. Very easy upgrade to Android 9 (no problems). A few weeks later they put out some kind of patch.

However stuff works very smoothly... which is exactly what you want from an OS upgrade.

2019/8/19 下午6:43

Thanks Tom, that's got rid of a minor annoyance.

Donald E Lattimer
2019/8/13 上午1:14

Pull status bar down (one finger). Upper right corner. Drove me nuts finding it.


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