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The rubber wrap around started to detached

Ernie "5Zero" Claudio
2019/9/13 上午8:16 3,843 浏览

I communicated,to Amazon about it. The rubber wrap on the side of SIM card carrier cover started to detached about 2 weeks ago. Until it almost reomoved about 2 cm atop the SIM CARD carrier cover. I tried to glue it with rubber cement but didn't worked. Now, I just clamp it with black electrical vinyl tape to avoid more detaching.

I bought this Atom with serial no. ATOMHZ0000016870 from Amazon Feb 17 and was delivered Feb 23, 2019 in USA. Now, I am using it here in Manila, Philipoines were I live. 

The unit functioned super excellent since then, even up graded to system Android 9. I love using it carefuly with pride to my friends, since it is not available here in our country. I was adviced by Amazon to talk to you about this problem and what to do. Though they suggested to return for refund. I told them that I want this phone nd possibly to have it always. Resetting this is a mess to me, since it is my main unit wth confidence after June of being familiarized.

Best if I can send picture pf how it look like.

My email address:


My mobile no.



Ernie Claudio

Parañaque City, Metro Manila,  Philippines 

I also have this problem.

tsubasa kawajiri
2019/9/14 上午2:22

Please tell us what to do and how to fix this problem. I was given by Amazon a return slip sticker to return it for refund.

PIFIA INC, Ernie "5Zero" Claudio
2019/9/14 上午5:46

To Unihertz Company,

Kindly do something about these issues. It seems there are many same manufacturing defect regarding this part of your product. This Atom supposed to be a great item in its functionality. But due to its physical deficiencies in its rubber wrap casing which made the item inferior.

Hoping your immediate action to help, assist and take care of your valued customers who believed and supported your product. Best to call for a recall of this model to correct and satisfy users.

PIFIA INC, Ernie "5Zero" Claudio
2019/9/28 上午4:40

Didier Triest
2020/7/9 下午7:50

I also have this problem.

2020/1/22 上午8:03

Same issue here.. whatever adhesive they used to stick the rubber on the phone seems to deteriorate at a steady and predictable rate.

I doubt Unihertz will do anything about this, as it's too costly to fix every phone with this issue (probably close to 100% by now and almost definitely 100% by mid-2020 if the adhesive theory is correct). Their reputation isn't going to suffer greatly, as there are bigger scandals for tech bloggers to write about, and this probably isn't enough of a nuisance to dissuade existing Atom owners from considering the next version.

The phone still appears to be waterproof, as I have rinsed it off a few times after working out and haven't had any apparent infiltration damage.

My biggest gripes with the phone after owning it since the Kickstarter:

  • The belt clip doesn't last more than a few months.. the rubber holding the top eventually tears apart. It can be superglued back together, but what finally kills the clip is that the plastic clip, itself, usually breaks off, eventually.

  • The camera really sucks

  • The microphone has become nearly unusable.. not sure what is causing this, but people on the other side can hardly hear me anymore

  • The rubber peels off (the issue in this thread)

I'm hoping all of these issues are addressed in the next version.

The microphone problem is most probably also caused by the rubber, as there is a hole thru it to the mic. It seems to me the problem is not in adshesive but more probably in the rubber itself that swells and except it is then loosing it can not be put back in place, and blocks also the mic.

2020/4/15 上午9:42

2020/1/12 上午11:12

I have the Atom since a year. A month ago, the rubber started peeling off at the top and bottom. I glued it with black Tec 7 two weeks ago and it seems to hold. I hope it holds forever and not for just one month.

Tec 7: https://www.tec7.be/en/products/tec7

2020/1/6 下午5:08

I have had my Atom since October 2018. For the last two or three months, I have been experiencing the same problem. Rubber is detaching all over the phone, especially around the SIM slot. I love the small form and durable build. This phone has been my computer on the go. I am really disappointed that it is falling apart after such a short time. 

albert teixidor
2019/11/11 上午9:08

My thelephone has the same problem, peeling everywhere even the corners.

2019/10/22 上午9:31

I backed the Atom on Kickstarter and got 2 phones. One for me and one for a friend. 

We BOTH have the problem with the rubber casing coming off. The 3,5mm jack is unusable because the plug gets pushed out of the connection by the rubber.

For an outdoor smartphone I'm really dissapointed and I really doubt that it is still waterproof...

Does anyone have an answer for this problem yet?

Jacob Fogg
2019/10/17 下午8:41

I'm really shocked that Unihertz is not responding to so many of these support posts... I *just* got my device, and am saddened by the lack of support! At least Amazon has a 30 day return policy... I'm hoping I won't need to use it =/

2019/9/28 上午10:38

I haven't had this problem yet with mine, but have bought a TPU case for the phone from here to protect it:


If the rubber should come loose, at least with this case I won't be able to see it.

Matti Immanuel
2019/9/27 上午11:01

The same thing happened to me after using the Ato. For afew months. The rubber all around the phone has become loose,making it very annoying to use, especially the 3.5 mm jack and usb c as the rubber pushes against anything plugged in.

Ive contacted Unihertz customer service and currently waiting for a response from them.

2019/9/17 上午3:34

Mine is doing that too and looked here to see if others are having that problem. I successfully glued mine back on with JB Weld Superweld Professional Grade. It's a superglue that sticks to rubber. Be careful though especially around the sim card slot. I glued mine slightly off and had to use a razor blade to trim off a tiny bit of rubber so the sim cover could close again. Once I glued it down- it was stuck in place and that leaves you only with one try. So get it as perfect as you can...and clamp it in place overnight.  

Thanks for your feedback, this may help all who face this issue.

Could you just confirm that you used this glue: JB Weld JB33120 SuperWeld Instant Setting High Strength

The number here is important, since there is also another one with a different number.

Mike Home
2019/9/17 上午7:47

Yes, that is the same one I used- JB33120

It's been holding for a little over two weeks now.

2019/9/18 上午2:08


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