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Thoughts on Atom update

2019/8/19 下午6:38 2,318 浏览

The good:

It seems to have resolved the biggest issue I had with the phone - there was a software problem which made the phone constantly do 'something' (I could never find out what) and make the battery run hot, and lose charge within 6 hours. 

Now, the battery lasts as it should, often 35% plus left in the evening. 

There are expanded options for using the PTT button without having to use other software.


Battery percentage has gone - not sure why they don't think people want to see it without having to drag down?

Volume control less intuitive. I may have missed something, but the volume buttons don't seem to do ring volume anymore, just media? They used to do call volume, and only media if you had something playing. 


This update fixed a major problem, and a few minor niggles. I am now extremely happy with the phone, but I'd really like to see an upgrade in the making - the Titan is a good idea but not my sort of phone. I think there is good scope for an upgraded version with a slightly bigger screen and most importantly, better camera.

If it could be fitted in, I would LOVE to see a night vision camera. I'm aware this would need another camera unit and LED. Or, even a thermal image camera (like the CAT S60).

Where is Dark Mode in developer? I don't see it.

2020/6/3 上午10:56

2020/6/3 上午10:58

Where is Dark Mode in developer? I don't see it.

2019/8/26 上午9:51

I personally recommend upgrade to Android 9 - some useful features (automatic Night mode, Dark mode in developer menu) were added and graphical design is much better - bigger icons in Quick settings menu (visible green when active).

Only thing I am missing a lot is Scheduled automatic profile switching.

To see battery percentage you need to swipe down quick settings.

Anyway, Battery optimization option disappeared from battery menu (can be found only in Apps menu), Duraspeed and battery saver option renamed to something else (I don´t use anyway, but needs to be found to disable it).


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