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Titan Campaign on Kickstarter reached over $150,000 in 30 minutes!!!

Customer Service
2019/7/31 上午1:39 1,349 浏览

 Dear Unihertz Fans,

We are so excited to tell you that, after two successful Kickstarter campaigns with over 20,000 backers, we are back with our latest launch - Titan - the ultimate QWERTY phone for people who get things done! 

 In just 30 minutes, Titan gained over $150,000. Very thanks for everyone's support on our Titan. 

The earlier you buy, the earlier you get!

Click the link below and get your Titan now!


Stay Tuned

Unihertz Team

Michael Czajka
2019/8/13 上午8:07

The cable in my camera came loose... and the camera started to play up months after receiving the Atom.

Instead of explaining how to reinsert the cable (just needs a firm nudge)... support wanted me to send it back to them... at great expense and undoubtedly with a long turn around time.

In the end with a bit of help from my local mobile phone repairer the camera is working again.

However most support issues have been addressed in a helpful fashion and in a reasonably timely manner.

My only gripe with the Atom and Jelly is that the low light resolution of the cameras is poor... and you get way too much snow in the picture even under normal lighting. There's also a bit of a lag when taking the photo with the Atom: not sure why as the slower Jelly didn't seem to have this problem? However overall nothing has broken on either the Jelly or Atom which suggests they'll both have reasonable lifespans?

I'm particularly impressed that Unihertz bothered to update Android repeatedly. If they also update the Jelly Pro (apparently the standard Jelly doesn't have enough memory for an update to Android 8) to Android 9 (update for the Atom has already been released)... then I'll be really impressed.

Based on past experiences I'd be happy to invest in the Titan... as every phone Unihertz makes seems to be better than the last one. However I'm more into small phones... so I'm sitting this one out.


P.S. Jelly battery life usually lasted a day... although if you started to use the GPS, wifi, bluetooth or playing videos you could flatten it in less than a day. Even so the battery life was usually longer than that of most other smart phones... but you did tend to top up the charge during the day just to be on the safe side.

Steve Weinberg
2019/8/2 上午1:04

I learned my lesson with Atom:  the phone was released with bugs, some of which still have not been fixed. It's not getting Android patch updates via the official process, but some sort of custom updater, and the patch level is way behind current.  The fingerprint sensor doesn't work after enrolling fingers. The NFC notification can't be removed.

Worst of all, whoever on the staff is reading or (rarely) responding to posts doesn't seem to understand English, so answers are usually wrong, and the forum sections don't actually do anything to separate topics.  It's a mess.

Do not buy the Titan expecting any meaningful updates or fixes.


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