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Ways the unihertz atom could be even better.

Ramiro Tomas Hernandez
2020/6/3 下午8:52 550 浏览

The main thing I want to address is the overall size of the original unihertz atom. I have some ideas on how to make it even smaller while keeping the exact same screen size. 

The first would be to remove the headphone jack. I never use it personally, and also I think we moving the volume buttons and going with a completely digital volume control what helped the overall size. As far as the screen, it's not bad, but it could use a better image resolution. if you take a look at the screen to phone ratio of a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, I think that would be a good model for a hypothetical smaller atom. The next thing that I would do is make it as thin as other smartphones. 

The unihertz atom is hands-down the best practical song I've ever owned, but I think with a few adjustments we could get the overall weight of the device down, which would help with people who likes you use their phone with one hand without having to use the one-handed mode. 

While I'm making suggestions, the rear and front-facing cameras could be a little bit better. I had to pick one thing that I would consider to be the main drawback to the uniherts atom is the awkward placement of the charger port. It makes it rather difficult to use your phone while your phone is charging. One good option to deal with that problem would be to put the charging ports at the very bottom of the phone, that way the charger cord doesn't stick out to the right and poke you in the palms. Although, I think eventually we should look into getting rid of the charger part completely and going with wireless charging. 

To sum up, the unihertz atom is very thick, and there's a lot of emptysurface space, which I think could be lessened by taking out things that might no longer be needed, like the headphone jack. Basically, just look at a picture of a unihertz atom and try to imagine that the entire size of the phone was Trump down 2 the screen size, while keeping the exact same screen ratio. Essentially, you have the same phone oh, the same screen size, but it would be even smaller than the current unihertz atom, which is the whole reason why I bought the phone in the first place. Smaller is better. 

We could call it the unihertz atom micro. 

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. I'll always be a Unihertz supporter!

2020/6/13 下午10:53

Ne surtout pas enlever la prise de jack! Cela permet d'être résilient. Ne surtout pas enlever la prise usb non plus et pour la même raison. Le chargement sans fil, pourquoi pas mais en gardant la prise usb. Peut-être un cpu de plus grande capacité? Un peu plus de stockage?


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