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Changing the Battery -- timeout?

2019/6/10 上午4:56 1,367 浏览


I Have Two batteries form my Jelly Pro. THey both work ok, but i Thought that I could use both whenone battery runs out... but the problem is that I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes with my Jelly Pro opened without batteries, so it resets all the data.

If I don't wait  and change the battery inmediatly, then the phone goes crazy, and tels me that the battery is 100% when it is not, o the opposite.  I tried many times.

For example: My battery runs out , o r it is 5% (for example)... then I change the battery with another  with 100% of the charge, but the phone didn't know that it is a different battery, so it goes crazy, it says me a percentage, , for example 70%,.... and in 5 minutes it goes to 0%!


If I wait some minutes without any battery inside the phone, then the new battery it is recognized ok, but if I am on the street it is very difficult to do so (waiting minutes with the phone opened)


I had the same problem and apparently solved it by simply using only the battery charger that came with the phone. Do not use another charger, but only the one that came with the phone.

2019/7/26 下午9:40

2019/6/13 下午1:17

Ok, Thanks, MAtthew

2019/6/12 下午1:01

Sounds same as a laptop. Capacitance.

After remove 1st battery, press and hold power button for 10-15 seconds. Then install 2nd battery.

Its supposed to discharge the circuit.

Can only try :)


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