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2018/12/3 上午9:18 2,491 浏览

Is there a speaker phone option on my Jelly Pro and if so, how do I access it?

Christopher Holly
2018/12/28 下午2:10

Tom, tried to answer this once but maybe I was not logged in right. When you call or take a call, there is a screen that comes up with a disconnect icon on the left and a connect or some kind of icon on the right. In the middle is a hopping little icon that you can drag either way. Drag to the right, and you will see a teensy tiny row of icons above. One of them is a speaker icon. There is also a number pad icon. These are what you need to enter PINs and auto attendant responses. You don't get to do that forever, however. There is a setting where you can change how long you can access this before the screen blanks on a call. 

If you don't see the three icons I described, and your screen is blank when on a call, press the power button just once, and that screen will open. (Two presses disconnects the call) There is probably a better answer in another thread on the Jelly forum, but I have not tried to search the forum in awhile. --Chris

Thanks Chris! The icon on the right is a padlock so it never occurred to me to swipe it. Lots of good stuff behind that icon besides the speaker.

2018/12/28 下午3:31


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