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Special SW Version for Jelly/Jelly Pro!

Customer Service
2018/8/8 上午8:27 1,749 浏览

As customers from some areas can not access to Google Service(such as China), the Google service in the background will consume much power in such case. According to the requests of these customers, we made a special SW version which has removed the Google service for them.
Please be noted! This version will not support OTA update anymore. If you still need to get the latest Google security patch, please do not try it ! And we will not offer any technical support for this special version.
You can learn how to flash the ROM in below document and the link which will lead you to the special SW ROM in corresponding “No_GMS_or_FOTA” folder.

由于一些地区的用户无法正常访问Google服务(例如中国),在这种情况下,手机上的Google服务会在后台消耗电量。根据这些用户的要求,我们特地制作了一版取消Google 服务的特殊软件版本,供有需要的用户下载使用。


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