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Turn on impossible after downgrade to Android 7

K. Hind
2019/2/20 下午7:13 1,868 浏览

I flashed my Jelly Pro with 20180308_c223v37n_dfl_pro because of longer battery runtime. After this i could not get the Jelly to turn on. I only see a black screen when i press the power button long; also with Power and Volume + or - buttons. Battery remove and reinsert in not successfully.
If i flash Android 8.1.0 back (2018092618_c223v37n_dfl_pro) all seems to be normal. How can i downgrade to Android 7?

K. Hind
2019/2/27 下午1:19

I posted a email about my problem to service@unihertz.com but did not hear anything. How long does it take to get an answer? If not, i will send the mobile back to amazon. I did by a Jelly with Android 7 and it came with Android 8.1.0 with horrible short battery unning time.

Tom power
2019/10/26 下午7:25

I have a jelly pro with Oreo 8.1.0. I don't have access to a computer and really need O.T.G. is there anything that can be done


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