Atom 臂带

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· 采用优质液态硅胶材质

· 轻薄精致

· 如丝般柔滑的出色手感

· 扣环贴心设计

· 柔软内衬,全面呵护你的手机

· 坚韧材质,耐磨抗摔,防滑,经久耐污

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Breathable and Sweatproof

 Breathable material provides soft, odor-free and lightweight wearing experience

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Flexibly Adjust size to fit a broad range of arm sizes

The Atom Armband adjusts to fit a broad range of arm sizes and offers right amount of stretch to move without slipping.

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Connected with case, slip-resistant

 Armband is stretchable and washable with clean water

Comfortably taking Atom along as a workout companion

 A perfect hands-free solution for Unihertz Atom so you can focus on your workouts

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Perforated lightweight materials

Sporty, silicone skin case keeps your device in place during workouts