New Firmware Update Available for Luna - Unihertz

New Firmware Update Available for Luna

Keep your Luna device up to date with the latest firmware update from Unihertz. Featuring improved Japanese certification, optimized camera menu layout, and a fixed issue with step counter reset, this update also adds new features like easier access to "Intelligent assistance" functions.

Luna Users,

We are pleased to announce that a new firmware update for our Luna smartphone system is now available. Simply go to Settings > About Phone > Wireless Update to upgrade your device.

This update includes the following improvements:

  1. Updated Japanese certification information to the regulatory labels.
  2. Optimized camera menu layout.
  3. Fixed the issue where the step counter reset to zero after rebooting the phone.
  4. Added a "My device" menu option. To view device information, go to Settings > My device.
  5. Modified the menu path for easier access to "Intelligent assistance" functions, including "Network Manager", "APP blocker", and "Freezer".

We highly recommend that you install this update to ensure the best possible performance from your Luna device.

Thank you for choosing Unihertz.