Unihertz now offers Local Repair Service* for your Unihertz devices. Any difficulties or malfunctions that you might be experiencing with your device can be addressed swiftly and professionally, ensuring the best performance and long-lasting durability of your product. If you are unfamiliar with the technical operation associated with electronic device repairs, we recommend taking full advantage of our local repair services.

1. Fill in the Repair Registration form

Submit a repair request to understand the necessary steps and identify the replacement parts needed for your device. The request should include all relevant details about your device information and malfunction description. Your product serial number or IMEI may be required.

2. Order local repair service

Our dedicated repair service engineer will determine the cause of your phone's malfunction based on your fault description and provide a repair plan. If you accept the repair plan, we will instruct you to pre-pay the fees of local repair services. The payment value includes the necessary replacement parts prices and labor costs for repair.

3. Mail your device to our local repair provider*

Once you have ordered the local repair services, you will receive an order confirmation email, followed by a local repair service claim instruction email. Check your inbox for the delivery address and send your device to our local repair provider for repair.

*  Local Repair Service is currently available in the United States, Japan and Russia. More countries will be covered soon.
* Once you applied for Send-in Repair service, you are supposed to cover the express fees.

Visit Unihertz Repair page to learn more about other repair option.