Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built - in DLP Projector_Unihertz_Smartphones_Unihertz
Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in DLP Projector - Unihertz
Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in DLP Projector - Unihertz
Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in DLP Projector - Unihertz
Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in DLP Projector - Unihertz

Tank 3 Pro - 23800mAh 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in DLP Projector

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Telecom Compatibility

How do I know if the phone can work with my SIM card in my country?

1. You can click the links below to see other users' feedback:

2. You can find the phone's supported bands in product specifications and check if those meet your sim-card carrier's requirements or contact your carrier.

* Due to different carrier's policy regarding unlocked phones, LTE wireless service may not be available even if your carrier supports listed bands. When this happens, please contact your carrier for more details.

Is Unihertz smartphone compatible with major US carriers?

For AT&T users:

AT&T released a whitelist of smartphone brands that will continue to work on their network after February 2022. Unfortunately, Unihertz products are not among them.

If you are using Unihertz smartphones (Except Jelly 2) on the AT&T network, it may not work normally. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, though this has resulted from the carrier's policy change.

Unihertz Jelly 2: Authorized to Operate on AT&T’s and Cricket’s network! (Last Updated: November 16, 2023)

For Verizon users:

Our phone can work fine in Verizon network. However, as it is not certified by Verizon, you cannot activate your new SIM card with it. Please activate the new SIM card with another Verizon certified device and then use it in your Unihertz phone.

For T-Mobile users:

You can use the SIM card on Unihertz smartphones.

Unihertz Smartphones Telecom Compatibility Feedback Form

If you find other carriers that work for the specific country/region/city but are not listed here, please kindly let us know via the Google form below. Your participation makes Unihertz better and means a lot to us and to the future users of Unihertz!

Embrace the High-Speed 5G Network and Expandable Visual Presentation

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro, 5G Rugged Smartphone with Built-in Projector

High-Performance Chip & 5G High Speed

Tank 3 Pro embraces cutting-edge 5G technology, ensuring high-speed network connectivity and expandable visual presentation.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro, 5G Rugged Smartphone

Powered by the advanced 4nm-class Dimensity 8200 octa-core chipset, Tank 3 Pro delivers seamless multitasking performance. Its 120Hz 6.79-inch FHD display enhances the immersive experience of gaming sessions, movie watching and learning activities.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro, Elevating Performance to New Heights

Built-in DLP Adjustable Projector

DLP, a new light processing technology, helps to reduce visual fatigue. With a built-in full-time manual focusing DLP projector, it’s never been much easier to cast from a phone to a large screen. You can adjust the brightness and clarity to achieve the greatest combination of visual effects with sharp detail.

Upgraded Projection Experience with DLP Projector

Ultra-Large 512GB Storage Capacity

The 512GB massive storage capacity allows you to record life with cameras every minute and second. You can also download your favorite episodes as many as you want in a single phone.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro -  16GB/18GB RAM + 512GB ROM Storage

23,800mAh Week-Long Battery Life

The 23,800mAh capacity eliminates battery anxiety and you can even use it as a power bank for other devices. It only takes 90 minutes to reach 90% with the upgraded generation of 120W extreme fast charging technology.

Powerful 23800mAh Fast Charging Battery

* Battery tests are conducted by Unihertz Tech Lab
* All battery claims depend on the cellular network, location, signal strength, feature configuration, usage, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Durable Heat Dissipation System

Tank 3 Pro’s heat dissipation system mounted with a real physical fan improves the cooling efficiency of the whole body.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro - A Real Physical Fan Improves Cooling Efficiency

Quad-Lens Cameras

With a combination of main, night vision, wide-angle and telephoto cameras, Tank 3 Pro ensures exceptional performance in various conditions. The impressive 200MP primary sensor guarantees the capture of high-quality photographs and videos.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro - 200MP Quad-Lens Cameras for MEGA Moment

4-in-1 Navigation System & L1+L5 Dual-Band GPS

The GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo navigation systems provide uninterrupted guidance to your destinations throughout the day. With the L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS, the positioning accuracy is increased by up to 10 times. Even in complex urban environments, precise positioning can be achieved.

Unihertz Tank 3 Pro - Accurate Positioning in Complex Environments

Outdoor Camping Light & Warning Simulator

Tank 3 Pro is specially designed for outdoor adventurers. The camping light featuring three adjustable brightness levels and two extra flash modes provides illumination support in the dark setting. You can also use the red & blue light simulator to release warning signals in various emergency scenarios.

Camping Light & Warning Simulator on the Back

IP68 Rated Rugged Design for Extreme Environments

Tank 3 Pro is IP68 rated splash, water & dust resistant, and shock-proof. Its rugged design makes it ready for use in various tough situations like wildernesses, factories, sandy areas and construction sites.

IP68 Rugged Design to Endure Extreme Conditions

Multi-Use Toolkit

The multi-use toolkit integrated with a bunch of specialized tool apps turns into your portable assistant to help get work done faster and more efficiently.

All-in-One Digital Outdoor Toolbox