Atom XL - How To Use It As a Walkie-Talkie? - Unihertz

Atom XL - このスマホはトランシーバーとして使える?

How does Atom XL connect to another Atom XL or a regular walkie-talkie? Let's take a look!
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Unihertz Atom XL is not just a rugged small phone with Android 10. What makes it extraordinary is the walkie-talkie function, which allows you to communicate not only with the other Atom XL but also a regular walkie-talkie while the internet connection is low and makes it a great phone for outdoor enthusiasts.

Under lab circumstances or without obstacles, Atom XL can reach another walkie-talkie within the 8 KM range.

Many of you might be interested in how to communicate with friends using Atom XL and if the connection will be good. Here, we have tested its connectivity at the distance of 1 KM, 2 KM, and 3 KM.

Now, let's take a look!