Smartphone durci Android 11 de 4 pouces de petite taille - Certification IP68
Petite taille de 4 pouces

4 pouces, c'est juste la bonne taille pour que vous puissiez tenir et balayer d'une seule main confortablement !

Atom L is a 4-inch small rugged smartphone

Cote IP68 - Robuste et résistant dans des conditions extrêmes

Grâce à sa résistance à l'eau, à la poussière et aux chocs, conforme à la norme militaire américaine MIL-STD-810G, l'AtomL est à l'aise dans une variété d'environnements extrêmes et prêt à faire face à toute situation. Sa coque est conçue pour offrir au téléphone une protection complète à 360°.

Atom L rugged phone under any circumstances

Batterie non amovible de 4300mAh

La grande capacité de la batterie de 4300mAh de l'Atom L vous permet de rester actif pendant plus d'une journée avec une seule charge. Équipé d'un système de charge rapide, il peut se charger deux fois plus vite que les téléphones normaux.
Atom L 4300mAh battery

Android 11 OS

L'Atom XL fonctionne avec le dernier système d'exploitation Android 11. N'hésitez pas à ajouter des fonctionnalités intelligentes et des applications infinies à votre smartphone durci.
Atom L Android 11 OS

Double Carte SIM

L'Atom XL est doté d'un double emplacement pour carte SIM, grâce auquel vous pouvez insérer deux cartes SIM et les utiliser simultanément.
Unihertz Atom L dual SIM


Unihertz Atom L specifications
Dimensions 134,5*65*17,5mm
Poids 243,5g (avec batterie)
Couleur Noir
Système d'Exploitation Android 11
CPU Helio P60 Octa-Core, 2.0GHz
ROM 128Go
Batterie Inamovible 4300mAh
Taille de l'Écran 4,0 pouces
Résolution 1136*640 pixels
Caméra Arrière 48MP
Caméra Frontale 8MP
Bande GSM: Bande 2/3/5/8
TD-SCDMA: Bande 34/39
C2K: BC0/BC1
SIM Dual nano-SIM Dual veille

WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
WiFi Direct
WiFi Hotspot

Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
GPS GPS+Beidou+Glonass
Capteur Empreinte digitale (en façade)Senseur GGyroscopeProximitéCapteur de lumière ambianteCompas,Barorécepteur
Other Features  
Micro SD Oui
3,5mm jack Oui
Radio FM Radio
Misc IP68 résistant à l'eau et à la poussière

Dans la boîte

Atom L - Petit téléphone intelligent robuste, conforme à la norme IP68

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
best phone ever

I have this phone now over 2 year and I use it daily. This is how a proper, functional phone should be and look like. Battery life still is 2 days with normal use. The only sign of ware is the alu backstrip is a little loose, but that's really nothing to be bothered with
I honestly don't understand why there are only 10 reviews. I'm about to buy another one, just in case they stop producing it in the near future because there is no equal one available that is rugged, waterproof, small ( I had also the atom 2.4inch, but it's just to small for daily use)and ok performance. Keep it going uniherz!

The essential little kit

The nec Nothing to say it's perfect I already have the little Atom and the Titan this one is me ideal compromise.

5.0 out of 5 stars I love this phone

I've only had the Unihertz Atom L for a few days, but so far I'm LOVING it.

I love how small it is. I'm so sick of giant 6"+ slab phones that everyone makes these days. I wouldn't go any smaller than a 4 inch screen though. It doesn't give me any trouble that any other larger touchscreen wouldn't also give me, but any smaller, and I imagine it would.

This phone lasted over 60 hours before needing charged.

It's not the latest, greatest, fastest phone on the market by a long shot, but it is the smallest one with the best specs that won't cost as much as a used car, and for that, I'm grateful.

I can't possibly recommend this thing enough(unless you have large hands, then you'll probably hate how small it is). I hope this thing continues to work as it has, and I hope the company sticks around making small budget phones like this one for a LONG time.

I haven't tried playing any games on it, and I haven't had any issues requiring customer service, so I can't really comment on those things, but I have seen review videos with people playing games with this and the Jelly 2, which has essentially the same hardware, so it can definitely be done.

Update: it's now May 2022, and the only "issue" I have to report is for whatever reason it won't do the wireless update it keeps reminding me about once a week, but everything works perfectly. I really hope this company keeps making small rugged phones like this one because it's my favorite phone I've ever owned.

R. Campbell
A good and practical phone that is rugged -Be careful on compatibility with cell twr updates

This UPDATES MY REVIEW. MARCH 2022, I used mine with Consumer Cellular. With a drop of 3G my phone worked on Data, but not did not process calling. CC and local reps at Target could not fix what they said to be a SIM card incompatibility. And that forced me to buy a sleazy new phone. I like my Atom L much better. Be wary of this problem and if anyone has better advice please provide info.

---------- Orig review -----------My first smart phone was a petite Atom which I liked. This continued to work following ocean immersion. As I became a heavier user I needed a larger phone with higher capacity battery. The Atom L met that requirement. Although a larger size it is still not too big and the larger screen, especially keyboard, is nice. It seems very rugged and has other added capabilities (over the Atom) such as SD card compatibility. The camera is very good. I use Consumer Cellular and some system settings had to be changed to download data with easy tech support of CU, I found a nice rotating clip case by Turtleback (for iPhone 5/5S/SE) that is a perfect fit (itemA-PMPVerSMExtHDL2). Other on-line reviews cover the phone in more detail. Overall a good practical phone that is not fragile. The owner manual is a bit too minimal. That should be improved.

An update a year later - still working fine with good battery life. Yesterday after dark dropped it off the end of a pier in sea water. Using a crab net I recovered it this AM and after a period it seemed to recover fine and tests our OK and seems to be fully functional again. I would buy this again. I think a good choice for heavy duty use where a basic, non-glitz, smart phone is the requirement.
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small screen phone

it might be difficult to read the lcd for some people, I'm fine with the pixel size. I don't know how long this battery is gonna last, you can't replace the battery. I'm currently with mint mobile as the carrier. this camera has a 48 megapixel 8000x6000 jpg output. sometimes I can see screen burns, if I leave the color screen saver on it usually massage's it away.

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