Unihertz Debuts Jelly 2E - Latest Small Android 12 Smartphone - Unihertz

Unihertz Debuts Jelly 2E - Latest Small Android 12 Smartphone

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Unihertz debuts a new mini smartphone - Jelly 2E - in November 2022 to provide enthusiasts of small smartphones with another option in its popular Jelly lineup. The news confirms earlier rumors on social media.

While people get accustomed to large-screen smartphones, there are still a group of people showing a special preference for mini-sized smartphones. That is why Unihertz is committed to making unique smartphones even just for the minority.

Jelly 2E Small Smartphone - Mini Android 12 Smartphone with Full Features

This latest palm-sized mini smartphone named Jelly 2E features a 3" display screen, Android 12 OS, 2000mAh battery, fingerprint, face unlock, dual nano SIM card, global 4G LTE unlocked, GPS, IR remote control, etc.

“We aim to provide customers with more choices and enable them to experience the changes brought about by small smartphones in their lives,” remarked Stephen Xu, Founder & CEO of Unihertz. “The mechanical design of a smaller mobile phone is far more challenging than normal-sized phones. Different components provide different functions. We must rationally optimize the internal layout design in the limited space to integrate extensive functionalities to Jelly 2E.”

Most noteworthy is that Jelly 2E is a small mobile phone that satisfies customers’ daily needs, and its distinctive design sparks lively social discussion wherever it is used.

  • Palm-Sized Design - Jelly 2E features a 3-inch display, easy to carry yet without sacrificing performance.
  • Powered by Android 12 – Google’s updated Android 12 OS offers an even more individualized, secure, and effortless experience.
  • Full-Featured Smartphone - Despite its 3-inch body, Jelly 2E has practically all the features available in larger phones: fingerprint, face unlock, GPS, IR blaster, 3.5 mm headphone jack, an exclusive design of a programmable key, and more.

Unihertz believes that small cell phones are still in demand. Thousands of loyal backers from all around the world have backed the small smartphone project since the previous generation of mini phones launched on Kickstarter. Unihertz’s success with a series of small mobile phones including Jelly Pro and Atom has demonstrated its cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in the research and development of small mobile phones.